Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Worcester Beauty

Pattern Cover
This beautiful appliqué pattern is being sold as a fund raiser to help the 2018 Bethesda team host the American Quilt Study Group in Maryland.

To order your pattern email mdquiltheritage (at) g mail com and they will help you out!

Here's what they have to say about the quilt:
"Maryland’s rural Eastern Shore produced fewer album quilts than other parts of Maryland. This one’s bold motifs, many stylized almost to the point of abstraction, reinforce the grandeur of their Baltimore cousins by their simplicity. The quilt maker probably had seen high-style Baltimore albums but made a quirky “country” version of some of the standard big-city squares."
See the original up close on the DAR site HERE.
Be sure to click on the enlarge features
80" x 82"

2018 AQSG Seminar Date:  October 3-7
Thank you to Deborah Cooney who so generously granted permission to pattern the quilt.

I'm partial to the Cherry Tree block with the pair of baskets at the base. How about you?
Happy Stitching,


  1. What a lovely quilt! :) Yes I like the basket and that star as well ! By the way Blogger has done something ....in order to comment we have to select a profile. Have to sign in to Google then come back ( if we do it that way ) Ditto I suppose for Wordpress, etc. YOURS had an additional one than another bloggers where I went crazy trying to comment earlier...( I had to create a new password at Google and get text messages with verification etc. ) Yours had a name / url option but when I typed in my blog address it said I had illegal chars. Tried this several times and then did the Google thing. I am not very happy with this Blogger situation today, sheesh! But I AM happy to see a new post from you :) :) :)

  2. Hmmm, maybe the next sew-a-long? I'll order to help the cause,but you are killing me here! Wink!

  3. I down right don't like that cherry tree. Never seen anything like this before. Neither I've seen a flower pot with "teeth", lol. But, nonetheless, it is still a beautiful quilt. One day, when I retire, I'll have the time to make something like that. ;^)

  4. My favorite block is the sawtooth polka dots basket, second row on the right. I love the quilt so much detail and fine sewing and quirky design.


  5. I agree with Liz on favorite block design. So quirky!
    It is a very unique design!

  6. Gorgeous, never seen anything like it and love the cheddar!

  7. What a beautiful pattern this is! The border is so sweet...

  8. Oh...I may have to try this?!! Beautiful!

  9. Always like to see patterns become available based on antique quilts...what fun to have the entire pattern & that basket block is icing on the cake! Thank you for sharing the info...

  10. Gorgeous! Love all the applique detail!

  11. Thank you Dawn for highlighting the AQSG Maryland seminar's fundraising pattern. The quilt is from Berlin, Maryland, in Worcester County on the eastern shore. I know that when this was included in the DAR Eye on Elegance exhibit (which had many extraordinary Maryland and Virginia quilts) they intended to show an outlier, both in geography and style, of the Baltimore album quilts. I just love this one and appreciate Debby Cooney allowing us to draft the pattern because it is uniquely charming in its quirkiness.

  12. If I were to make a Baltimore Album quilt this quirky style is probably would how mine would turn out! Wonderful.

  13. You tempted me and I ordered.


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