Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Busy 2018

A little recap of the past weeks...on the quilting front we are in the final phases of a new pattern. Very exciting! It is so much easier now that my daughter and I live in the same city.  More on the pattern later.

I am also trying to hand quilt an hour a day.

The backyard is still filled with snow and busy with wild life.
We have had 6-8 cardinals at one time.
The deer love the bird feeders.  This morning the Canadian Geese found them and that is probably trouble.

I already have some spring garden plans.
* Plant a yellow peony
* Heirloom tomatoes
* Zucchini Vine
* Sunflowers in the wild patch
* Perennials & Hosta in the new beds

I had a free day yesterday so I went to some antique shops. Lately I've been attracted to spool pieces.
These pieces are made from vintage empty thread spools. I bought a footstool with a needlepoint top a while back.

This wall shelf was nice, I just don't have much wall space.

The real temptation is this planter box.
I can just picture it inside, in front of the stationary side of the patio door.

However, I didn't think it was sturdy enough to withstand the monkey cat jumping on it. She is dainty once perched but her jumping is....well, she's a klutz.

Do you see the center detail?

The shops are preparing for Mother's Day.

Imagine the delight a Mother felt when she received this!

The top box is made like my foot stool with half spools glued to wood.

The legs are made from whole spools.

I saw a couple quilts and can only find one photo on my phone.

This one was very nicely made.
I'd guess c.1950. I didn't open it up.

Machine and hand pieced, hand quilted.

The hand quilting was very uniform.

Simple, but effective and fit the style of the quilt.

If you look closely you can see some of the hand piecing.

It almost came home with me.


Yes, probably. Maybe just not this one.

This advertisement is still for sale.

I like it, but I don't.  It's a "look away, what did I just see" kind of advertisement.

Velma would be terribly offended if I added this to the collection.

Fortunately, it is way over priced, even marked down.

The Minnesota Quilt Project sponsored the speaker for the March Minnesota Quilters meeting.

I hosted Lori Lee Triplett from Quilt & Textiles Collections.
Owners of the Poos Collection of textiles.
The Thursday night lecture was "Exploring the Poos Collection".
Lori Lee shared the diverse expanse of their collection. There was something for everyone and the guild members loved it.  From African garments to an 1830 broiderie perse quilt.
On Friday she did an indigo dye workshop. I didn't participate, but went to help setup and take down. I brought some hand sewing. Participants prepared fabric for dye using many techniques.  They all had a great time.
Saturday morning Lori did a lecture and trunk show of a selection of their chintz quilts. This was very special and we are honored she brought these amazing quilts out of storage. No photos allowed.
On Saturday afternoon we hosted a small group study center with the quilts. A dozen of us spent hours with the quilts examining all of the beautiful fabrics, techniques and details.
Thank you Lori Lee and Kay for the sharing your quilts!

I may have company coming this week, lots of variables there...stop back for more quilting adventures!
Happy Stitching,


  1. OH I would love to meet Lori Lee and Kay! I saw on FB that they are trying to decide on what to pick for their next book. Did Lori give you any hints? Wink! The deer are so sweet, but if you think they like your feeder, just wait until you plant hosta! I just call it deer lettuce. I've learned the only way to keep them out of the yard is to plant hosta in the neighbor's yard! Now that I know you have taken a fancy to spool items, I will keep my eyes peeled at the flea market this summer. I am happy that you passed up that advertisement. I do wonder about ad campaigns sometimes. Just what were they trying to say? Any monkey can cut a cat's tail off with our shears??

    1. They will be at seminar this year.
      Yes, I think I have a few ideas what might be in the book, plus I am sure many surprises!
      I have never had deer eat my hosts! JINX, I know. These love my hydrangeas.
      I am planning a Maine trip to see the Maine quilt exhibit...2020?
      I think the campaign might and study enough to cut off a tail??

  2. Love the spool piece, very unique! You seem to have the best antique stores in your part of the woods! The quilt looks very tempting too! Did you take it home?
    Have fun with Judith and Petra the upcoming days!

    1. I love to antique shop almost as much as I love to quilt.
      I'm sure we will have lots of fun.

  3. I'm excited to see your new pattern :0) I can only imagine how interesting Lori Lee Triplett and her selection of quilts would be! The spool planter sure is interesting - I bet Mother was well pleased with it. Enjoy your next guests!!

    1. I think Mother lived it and put it to great use.

  4. Missed your posts, but you really had a busy time! And more busy days ahead ;) You must have had a great event with the Triplett sisters, and lucky me is going to meet them in a couple of weeks (hope they bring that broderie perse quilt, and lots of chintz quilts). Good you did not buy the scary advertisement with this cruel monkey; awfull! The quilt is nice, but maybe just nice... And the wooden spool planter is darling; why not make place? Have a nice week!

  5. Whoa! You have been busy. I had forgotten that you hosted Lori. How fun and interesting it must have been. I have no idea where she lives. You should go visit her home and get to experience all her quilts.

  6. Those spool pieces are great! I have a bunch of wooden spools. Wonder what I could make? :)
    That is nice quilting. Loved your answer to the question of whether or not you need another quilt.
    It is interesting what used to be acceptable as an advertisement. Wouldn't want that in my home.

  7. Lovely blogpost, always love seeing and reading about your antiquing adventures. And that Poos Collection, so beautiful. That lecture must have been so interesting. I met Kay in Houston and saw some of the quilts, so inspirational. As are their books, I pick them up regularly just to look through them and dream..... Have a fun time with Petra and Juud, hope Petra feels a bit better by now, she has been nursing a flu poor thing. Have a lovely day.

  8. Love the spool piece! Enjoy Petra and Judith 's company.

  9. I nice interesting post full of a wide variety of your adventures :) I look forward to seeing your new pattern when it comes out !

  10. Sounds like your 2018 is off to a great start. Except for the deer - you will learn to love/hate them once they start eating everything you don't want them too. And I agree - they do love hosta's!

  11. Your post puts a feeling of Spring time in the air...cardinals and bird feeders, antiquing and lovely pastel quilts - gardening plans - I love it all! Though as much as the geese are fun to watch, their visits can linger on and wear out their welcome. With our pond being a favorite nesting spot, when the goslings start to grow, we always look forward to the day they go on “walkabout” - trouble is they have long memories:-)

  12. Such fun and excitement with more to come!

  13. You are definitely busy! I love spool bedframes. They are so gorgeous. Love that planter stand. It's funny -- Mia is a bit clumsy too. I'd always thought cats were never clumsy. Guess I was wrong!

  14. Thank you so much for hosting Lori and all the work you did to make her guild visit a success!


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