Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tree of Life Quilt

When I read Audrey's post about her Tree of Life quilt, it motivated me to get mine out.

It was time anyway with our windy and cold weather.  This is a quilt that is used most winters.

I love this pattern!  Another reason why Audrey's quilt resonated with me.

Mine is scrappy green and brown prints in the leaves,  A variety of brown prints for the trunks.
Machine pieced and machine quilted by me.

If I were to remake it I think the alternate squares would be a red print.

Here is a closeup of a block.  You can see the prints I mixed in.  The machine quilting is so-so.  All cotton Aurofil thread and Blue Ribbon batting.

I enjoy using a quilt and I can see all the reproduction prints.
I also like the touches of blue, red, pink mixing with the green.

That's 30 HSTs x 16 block = 480 HSTs  Not bad.
I paper pieced them by the sheet.

Several washing later I think about maybe not using it, but I think it is OK to wear some of these out.  I machine wash and dry it on gentle at the end of the winter season.

"Cat in The Woods"

Excuse the poor photo - with my helper these days I have to move quickly.
Quilts become napping spots in a matter of seconds.

It is wonderful to hand stitch with her curled up in my lap.  We keep each other warm.

The back is a green bird toile reporduction print.
After all, there are never too many birds in the trees.

Staged photo from book

This is the antique inspiration quilt from the book.

Beautiful display.  You can see why I was inspired to use pink in the alternate blocks.

I really like the plaid tree trunks.  I used a few plaids in mine, but never enough!  Great touches of red.

You can also see the straight line quilting in this example.

All the antique accessories and bed add so much.

Book Cover

This is the book:
Leisure Arts Presents
Big Book of 
Best Loved
Quilt Patterns

Old, but good!
There are so many freat used books at guild and museum sales.

Happy stitching,

I hope you enjoyed The Tree of Life

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ready For First Snow

Never enough!
I was at a standstill selecting fabrics for the graduation quilt.

I made a monumental decision...I'm cutting and including some of the fabrics I thought I might never cut.  I wish I had yards of this fabric.

What better reason than to include a beloved fabric in a quilt for a special person?

Snip - snip ... after all, it's just fabric!

Marked, in the frame ready for quilting

We are expecting our first snow this week.
Yesterday I marked a quilt and got it in the frame.
I will have all the outline quilting done by the time the graduation project is a top - so I think my timeline is still OK.  I can only hand quilt or machine piece so much in one day.  Rotation is a good thing!
I have marked for years with General's Sketch N Wash pencils - have never had trouble with it coming off when the project is done.  It is usually all gone by the time the quilt is finished.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Noah and Matilda Month 11

Month eleven includes three patterns.  Next month we are back to four.  As with other months, there is no shortage of fun and a bit of challenge.

This block is ideal to ink your name and date - or  quilt your name and date in the center.

I chose to mix prints and solids, and not make the use of prints symmetrical.  I am trying to exercise constraint selecting my fabrics.  I tend to avoid solids.  Using them in this project was good for me.

All of the blocks were completed using back basting.

This block looks symbolic to me.
I find it interesting the maker has the top stars sitting on the larger center shape.

Have you ever seen this block or shape?

I completed mine using back basting.  It went together quite quickly and I am pleased with the results.

Have I mentioned how much I love these blocks?

Have you seen a block like this one?

Another beauty, floral looking.
I did it all with back basting.  At first I thought it looked hard.  I tackled it piece by piece and enjoyed every stitch.

Again, I chose to mix solids and prints.

You will find the block sets HERE.
All eleven sets are still available.  We have new quilters starting each month.

I think Matilda was very creative!

Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Graduation Quilt Progress

Not the final setting
I am making progress on the graduation gift quilt.

I was able to work in some additional fabrics that have personal meaning.  Prints include cats, ducks, turtles, garlic and grapes.  Very fun to step out of my usual reproduction choices and think of my recipient.

The long piece on the left is a bicycle wheel print I am thinking about for binding.

I think if I can make at least 12 blocks a week I think I can get it in the quilt frame before the snow hits!  That's the goal anyway.  I think all these colors and prints will be wonderful to look at as I quilt this winter.

I have so many floral prints in my stash it has been a challenge to find some masculine prints.  I'm digging deep in the stripes!

Velma in her play tunnel

Velma is a very happy quilting buddy.

She's not allowed in the sewing room because she is a thread chewer!  I wish she could join me for sewing sessions, but for now we have to be content with lap sitting as I hand stitch.

Thank you for your encouragement!
Have a great week stitching.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zieber Quilts

I am pleased to introduce my Quilt Study friend Leah Zieber.

Leah has launched a new website including:

  • Blog
  • Pattern Line
  • Historical Fiction Book
  • You can follow her writing on bloglovin'

I first met Leah when I belonged to Repiecers Quilt Study Group in southern California.  Her writing is well researched and her passion for antique quilts is evident.

Please take some time and visit Leah's website, and leave her a comment on her blog.
Click HERE.

Happy Reading!