Monday, August 27, 2018

Announcing Mary Witherwax

We are back from vacation and have an exciting fall lineup coming with several new patterns, the book shipment, trunk shows and more blog posts!

I've been busy stitching samples.

We do all of our own stitching and quilting by hand.  Fun - but it does take longer.  The results are worth it and we hear that repeatedly when we show the antiques and reproductions.

First - Mary Witherwax

We purchased this treasure at auction and have the full story to share - Mary's life and the area with a Dutch connection.

c. 1850
Measures 85" x 71.5"

The full size digital pattern is available for instant download now, using the link HERE.

The pattern includes all of the blocks, alternate blocks designed by us, a full alphabet and the borders.  $45 USD.    57 print pages.

The pattern works up beautifully in many fabric color ways.

This pastel wall hanging uses a few of the blocks and letters to make a wonderful gift. It's a pattern you can use over!

Mary Witherwax was a creative young woman!

This example uses a couple of the bonus alternate blocks,

I chose my reproduction to be a family name quilt.

Every block is a joy to make and hard to put down.

There will be a private Facebook group for those with the pattern that want to join.  See the details on the pattern page.  No pressure - just a fun place to share your progress. Lots of history about the quilt and Mary will be shared.
Even a few prizes along the way!

Please let us know if you have questions!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh dear. It is truly beautiful ❤🤔

  2. Oh dear. It is truly beautiful ❤🤔

  3. That is a treasure and a beautiful quilt to reproduce.


  4. It is gorgeous! What size are the blocks?

  5. Such a pretty quilt, not only the blocks but also the borders.

  6. Congratulations Dawn and daughter with this beautiful quilt. A dutch connection? Makes me curious :-)

  7. Congratulations on this long-awaited pattern!!! It sure was worth the waiting! Love it very much, and it is so versatile, using the blocks in various ways. You made a real family heirloom with this family-name you added. I think I really need to add this pattern to my collection...

  8. What a beautiful pattern! Love the original colors but i think it will look good in any color combination you can think of.

  9. You find the most beautiful quilts, and do an incredible job on the recreations and patterns. Very impressive, Dawn!

  10. So gorgeous! I am seriously tempted, but I promised myself - no more sew-a-longs until Noah and Matilda is done - ore at least until all the blocks are done - or maybe at least until... well, you see what I mean. I adore the little pastel quilt. You'll be hearing from me soon, I'm quite sure - wink!

  11. Ok, I caved! I just ordered it so all I have to do now is figure out how to get it from my iPad to my printer! I can't wait to begin another "Collector with a Needle" sew-a-long! Don't worry, I won't abandon Noah and Matilda, but it will take a little longer now. I just can't say no!

  12. Keep working ,terrific job!


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