Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spool Cabinets

I would love this stack of spool cabinets in my home.

So far...none have come home with me.

I like the variety in finishes and sizes.

The four stacked together come to about 4'-5' of shallow drawer storage.

Perfect for applique blocks, projects and all kinds of treasures.

If you'd like a beautiful furniture quality reproduction from Richard Hyers (Vendor at AQSG 2011) click HERE
His spool caddies are spectacular too!

This is a vintage ribbon cabinet.
The top portion shows ribbons on display as they would have been at the Milliners Shop.

The other shelves show how it could be re-purposed for wine.

Love the idea to use it at home for wine!

Each shelf opens on three sides for easy access.

You can see a wonderful variety of spool cabinets HERE, and for some history read HERE.
Do you have a spool cabinet?  If so, do you store spools in it?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I was lucky enough to buy a two drawer one about 20 years ago at a flea market. It was in good condition and a great price at the time. Right now I keep old photos in it.

  2. No, I don't have one - but oh I would love to!!! If I did, I'd probably use it to store sewing supplies/fabric/wips. Hope you get one some day!!

    Have a great day!!

  3. i enjoyed using the links and taking a look. the second link in particular has a mind boggling array of beautiful cabinets. i've dreamed of having one but have yet to run across one. i would probably store a variety of sewing items within it's spaces . . .


  4. I own nothing of the sort, but would love to! I'm sure I could fill it, I'm just not sure what I would use to do so. : )

  5. Well, you know about me! lol! And it's all your fault btw! Richard does such great work! Love spool cabinets!

  6. Thanks for the links! I do have 2 one is a small table top and the other we have had for about 25 years. We bought it in Winterset, Iowa from a man that collects,buys and sells spool cabinets. I was thrilled to find the worth on the link you posted. Mine is a antique advertising spool cabinet JP Coats victorian #1077 on their list. Oh my, I could hardy beleive what it's listed worth is today! We paid about $400!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information!


  7. I don't have a spool cabinet. I drool over them when I see them in antique shops. Prices have gone pretty high on them since I first got interested in them. Several years ago, I found a large one in the Houston area and for a decent price. But not way to get it home at that time.

  8. I do have a spool cabinet. A 4 drawer Clark's ONT. It has the orginal knobs and decal on the back. Even the leather on top is the original. I bought it from a friend who did not have room for it any more. I got a heck of a deal. Who ever had it before her took extremely good care of it. I lined all the drawers and top with green felt. Under the lid I store all my gingher designer scissors and other's as well. I can prop it open for when I have my stitching friends come over and they can ooh and ahh over them. In the other drawers I keep my bone rings, some needle packets and other small items that I don't have in my curio cabinet. (It is full and I need to get another one.) I also have a metal "Star" spool cabinet. The history on it was that it came from a little store in New Mexico. I got this off of ebay for a great price as well. No rust and not even bent. I have lined the drawers as well and I keep my YLI silk 100wt. thread and my other threads in there as well.
    I am always on the hunt for spool cabinets and such. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed weekend.

  9. Oh how I love spool chests. I hope to pick one up this summer at the local antique fair we attend each year. I would love to have a whole stack of them as shown in this wonderful photo too! Ah....maybe some day :)

    Thanks also for sharing the link with us!


  10. Very interesting. I have a small 4 drawer metal spool cabinet with the words "Star Twist" on the front top and Star Twist emblems on each outer side. I use it as a jewelry box in my bedroom and just love it!

  11. You must have some wonderful antique shops near you! The things you find are always beautiful.

  12. Love my spool cabinets. I have two that are stacked. One is an antique, the other a reproduction. I have all of my 1" fabric strips for my jewelry in them - each drawer holds a different color. The cabinets in your post are wonderful - wouldn't it be fun to have them all? If only I would win that lottery!

  13. I would love to own a spool cabinet. They are always way beyond my price range. Interesting post - I had fun visiting the links. Have a great weekend!

  14. Everything looks great when it is stacked, I love the cabinets, I don't have one.

  15. Wonderful spool cabinets! I too would love to have one...or two, or a stack :)

  16. I can't help wondering what I use today that may be admired and valued by future generations. Thanks for yet another interesting post.

  17. Oh, wouldn't it be fun to have one (or two or three) to store thing in *s*

  18. O my they are awesome and I'd love to have some too. Looked at some before in antique shops but never bought. Maybe someday :-)

  19. You won't believe this, but I bought one today for $30.00!!! It was used in a Guy's cellar for 65-70 yrs to hold tools, screws, nails, etc. The cabinet is in excellent condition, it's a desk that lifts up, has a crystal ink well and pencil holder, has the big decal on the back. Only thing wrong is it has paint and glue on the front, right on the decals!! I am having it restored. I love it!!


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