Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out and About More Old Quilts

Nine Patch Quilt tacked to the wall
It's spring here - and a great time to be out and about.

These quilts didn't come home with me but I thought you'd still enjoy them.

Great colors - I can imagine how vibrant it was in the original deep indigo blue and cinnamon pinks - with the wide brown border and a few plaids thrown in for good measure...

Here's another angle.

Love the plaids and shirtings too.

See how wide the binding is?

Not quilt related - but in the same booth this 'childs toy' - can't imagine many children this would be safe for!  Note the label:  SAFE, FUN, CONSTRUCTIVE....right.

Back to the next corner of the booth - another quilt:

The stars are an interesting setting.

 What do you think of the sashing horizontal rows are narrow - vertical is wide - made the quilt the size she wanted?

Nice black and white shirting with a blue rectangle at the corners.

Interesting color combinations.

Note the hand quilting is kind of a triple line fan.

Have a great week!


  1. oh my that toy jigsaw made me laugh~!~ who in the world~!?

    the quilt being tacked to the wall caused a bit of a cringe . . . it is a wonderful old 'specimen' made from what was on hand, isn't it?

    LOVE the last one's setting~! has a very plaid kind of look to it.

    it's good to see you back.

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts. They look so soft - I wish I could touch them! I get a kick out of surprises like the different sashing size - something to make us wonder why.

  3. Oh Dawn, I just love these quilts!! I'd have been hard pressed to leave them behind!! Stars and nine patches!! I've missed your posts! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Enjoyed the photos, especially the star quilt. I must admit I am a big fan of everything with stars.

  5. Love seeing the quilts. Nice! That jig saw toy though. Whoa! Scary!

  6. Loved the quilts thanks Dawn :-) obviously the toy came from an era when kids were'nt wrapped in cotton wool!

  7. I really enjoyed your show, particularly the last quilt. Thanks for going to the trouble of sharing with us.

  8. Love these old quilts where not everything had to be exactly right. Why can't I be more like that?
    Wonder why we can't find that jigsaw toy in stores anymore? : )

  9. Dawn,

    What fun pictures. The star quilt is so homespun with all of the various fabrics and the wide sashing - really enjoy that one.

    Thanks for sharing your antique jaunt with us. :)


  10. I am fully inspired by this quilt. It's right down my ally? Thank you for taking the time to highlight the areas of interest.

  11. Love the last quilt! I need to not be so matchy-matchy. I wonder if I could find that jig toy for my hubby? :)

  12. I love the last quilt! Think I can buy the "toy" for my hubby?

  13. I find the star quilt (the second quilt in your post) quite interesting. Seems like the maker put in rogue pieces here and there are fabric designs have faded out.

  14. I love the variety of fabrics used in each block in the last quilt.

    The jig saw toy is a bit scarey!!

  15. The first quilt has everything I love in it - pink, plaid, nine patches, and it's old. I'd love to have that one!

  16. About that sashing on the star quilt - I'm thinking she wanted a rectangle at the corner post, visually, instead of the typical square...a bit unique with the added benefit of a slightly wider quilt?

  17. Those quilts look well loved! Interesting trying to go over the thinking of a long-ago quilter :)

    The toy looks like a bandage and ointment disaster waiting to happen!

  18. I think folks had a lot more confidence in their children back in the day . . . . and maybe a little more time to spend with them. Surely that jigsaw was only for supervised activity! Still I remember having a 'toy' iron that was quite heavy and heated up - so really not a toy at all. Rather a good weapon to keep one pesky brother at bay *evil laugh*

  19. Gorgeous old quilts, love those faded hues! But what a shame to see them tacked onto a wall, oh dear!!!!!

  20. I like the last quilt especially, looks like it has personality!

    Not too long ago we were talking about what we used to be able to do, play with, etc. Can't decide if kids are better off now or if we were then!

  21. I love those nine patches with the pink. Great quilts!


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