Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prague Patchwork Meeting 2012

Beautiful piecing and handwork - love the colors too!
The Prague Patchwork Meeting in the Czech Republic was March 30&31- 2012.

What a great show!

Exhibits included:  France Patchwork, Wool Quilts, Art quilts and more.

All this in a beautiful city with so much to see and do.

Detail of a pieced block

Beautiful Hand quilting

Sunflowers - Pattern HERE
Reproduction of 1865 original

Hand applique and hand quilted

Beautiful hand work

Diamonds and triangles

Hand Quilted

Beautiful use of fabric - prints and color

So beautiful!

Pink, green and red!

Beautiful Points

Amazing tiny center

Triangles anyone?

Wonderful change in scale

Great colors

More Triangles
Hand Quilted
Rich Colors and beautiful hand quilting
See another beautiful triangle project HERE  by Judy - One Minnesota Quilter (USA)

More change in scale - dramatic!

Click HERE for Gallery Pictures from the show floor

Click HERE for more information on Association France Patchwork, Photo Gallery Links HERE

Click HERE for more information about a trip to Prague, best side trip: Cesky Krumlov
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Those tiny,tiny triangles are unbelievable. Great photos of great quilts though. Thanks!

  2. Wow! Such gorgeous quilts! And you were in Prague? Wow!

  3. What amazing quilts!! What a wonderful trip - such a beautiful historic city. I've never been - but would love to go!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What beautiful quilts in Prague...and how lucky you are that you got to see them :-)

  5. Incredible quilts! I am humbled.
    Thanks for sharing them with us. What a treat!

  6. What a beautiful trip and quilts. Of course, the one with the various size of triangles caught my eye right away. ;-) Thank you for the mention of my quilt...I've been working on something else; but, do intend to get the borders on that this weekend.

    The side trip looks very enchanting....a place I would love to go someday!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


  7. Nice quilts. Love those HSTs!!! There's hundreds of ways to set them. Thanks for sharing photos with us.

  8. You were actually there? What a wonderful trip! The quilts are amazing, wonderful, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. They certainly had a lot of triangles. I'd hate to have to quilt through all those seams.

  9. of my favorite cities in Europe! Combine that with quilts = heaven....

  10. What a terrific opportunity you had. The quilts you showed were really spectacular. They look like the quilters were willing to put a lot of time into their designs and savored each project.

  11. Prague~!? lucky you~!
    thank you for showing us some of the quilty eye candy that you were able to enjoy while there.
    love all of the hand quilting yumminess~!!~


  12. Wow! Fabulous quilts! Love them all, but have to say I think the tiny triangles are my favorite.
    Thanks for the links. Three of my grandparents are of Slavic heritage (one left there just before WW1). When I was little I was told Czechoslovakian (geez, my atlas is old!). Would love to visit that part of Europe some day.

  13. Lovely show....thanks for sharing with us!

    Carolyn :)

  14. I had the great pleasure of accompanying my husband to Prague in Nov 2007 for a choral recording just as Czech quilters were preparing for their first Czech International Patchwork conference the following spring. I was very fortunate to meet several of the quilt teachers and organizers while my husband was attending rehearsals. Prague is indeed a wonderful beautiful city and the Czech Republic is full of very talented quilters. Their story of how quilting emerged in the CR is great quilt history! Now that I have a blog, I should write about my experience. Have you been more than once?

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