Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Book Promenade in a Dutch Garden

One of the doll or crib size projects
It was an exciting day today when the post rang!  My copy of "Promenade in a Dutch Garden" by Petra Prins & An Moonen published by Quilt Mania.
In my opinion the book is a must have!
By combining history, reproduction quilt patterns and beautiful photography An and Petra have created a fabulous book.

Check out the bonnet top cradle in the photo - and mine - I think this will be my first of many projects from the book - pieced on both sides no less!

Full size - Fabulous border

It was great fun to dig out my stash of Dutch Chintz and repros I plan to mix.  I have some blocks left over from a previous project I just might mix in too....

The book includes a nice variety of large and small projects.  At over 250+ pages and rich in color photography I can hardly put it down.  Even the cover folds are beautiful!

I love the use of prints - including pillars, chintz, euro inspired printed cottons and silk.  An has also given the museum locations of the antique quilts.

Front Cover - Filled with rich photos inside

I  have made a few Dutch inspired quilts.
(links to the photos below)

If your LQS does not stock the book, ask them to consider carrying the Quilt Mania books and magazines so you can shop local.  It is a bit of a 'splurge' book, but I think worth the price.  I certainly got my monies worth from Petra's first book, which I think is very hard to find now. get a trip to the Netherlands is on the short list.

I enjoyed meeting so many hand quilters last week - most of my Dutch repros are hand quilted - very hard on polished chintz!

Have a great week!  I hope it includes some stitching time.


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  1. I've been seeing this book featured on several blogs the last few days. It looks fabulous but YIKES - the price is a bit out of my comfort zone!

  2. Hallo from The Netherlands!

  3. I am just waiting for my LQS to get her order from Quiltmania, them I will have my own copy of the book. Also have and love the previous book by Petra Prins. Do you have "A history of Dutch quilts" by An Moonen? That one is definetely a must have. No patterns in it, but loads of history and pictures of beautiful quilts.

  4. I do have An's Book - A fabulous book - I made my own interpretation of 'De Olifant' here:
    Would love to see all of these fabrics reproduced - who doesn't need a good elephant print?

  5. Oh my, tempation, temptation, temptation!!!!

    :) Carolyn

  6. Hearing and seeing great things about this book. I think it's going on my 'must have' list.:)

  7. You and Kathie have each given glowing reviews of this book. It will have to go on my "someday" list. I badly overspent while my daughter was visiting and now I have to do penance. : )

  8. Ok, I have the feeling I'd better go ahead and order this book. I've been trying to resist. lol! Thanks for the review!

  9. I love your blog - all the antiques in the photos make it extra special. I think this book looks like a must have. Glad you told us about it - good to see cooperation with museums to share their quilts.

  10. Looks like a wonderful book. Can't wait to see your version of the quilt! Thanks for the links.

  11. Great blogpost! My copy of the book is waiting for me in Petra's shop, can't wait till I get a chance to pick it up! I am really looking forward to what you will be making from it.
    Should you make that trip to The Netherlands, would love to meet up with you!

  12. I love Petra and Ann's book which I bought in Nantes. Those chintz's are to die for and love what you have made Dawn.

  13. I love Petra and Ann's book which I bought in Nantes. Those chintz's are to die for and love what you have made Dawn.

  14. The book looks fabulous, I will be in Holland next week and will pick one up, thanks for sharing

  15. I've been ogling this for awhile now. Are there patterns in the book? That's my only question. It's certainly a beautiful book!

  16. Not sure which I like the looks of better - the book, or that beautiful cradle!

  17. Oh yes - patterns for all the quilts are included - as well as a picture of the antique quilt, it's history and a picture of the repro quilt and it's 'story'
    All set in the Open Air Museum!
    I think there are patterns for 19 or 20 quilts.

  18. Thanks for the review - my copy is on order already but am now sure it will be wonderful!

  19. Thanks for the tip on this book. It looks exceptional. I love your leftover squares. Wonderful!

  20. The book has gotten great reviews and looks like a winner!!

  21. Dawn i bought this book at The Open Eurpean quilt championships in Veldhoven a couple of weeks ago. Her first book was still available at her store at that moment

  22. I have admired this book and others like it on your blog - but alas have not purchased one - Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list!! The quilts look absolutely amazing! And yours will be just as wonderful!

  23. gorgeous scrappy quilt - I'd love to do this one too!

  24. wow I love your cradle. and your version of the quilt s going to be a beauty!

  25. sorry I posted the comment with my DH's account but it is me :-)


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