Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating with a FINISH

Center with my initials and date
I am celebrating the completion of my Catherine's Garden.

It is a completely hand made - by me.
   *  Hand Pieced
   *  Hand Appliqued
   *  Hand Quilted
The pattern was made from a quilt in our collection, you can read about it HERE.

Just like Catherine, I quilted my initials and the year completed in the center of the quilt.

Back of Catherine's Garden

It is hard to show hand quilting cream an cream,
 - all 600+ yards of it!

This is a view of the back.
Finished size is 80' x 80"

The original quilting lines are on the pattern so I was able to truly copy Catherine's design through completion of the quilting.
Quilting motifs include leaves, circles, arcs, flowers and LOTS of 'clam shells'.  Each applique motif is outlined as well.
The quilt is shown draped on a queen size bed.
I did the hand piecing while 'car sitting' when our house was being shown during the move.  It was quicker than getting the machine in and out.  Home Stagers do not like home sewing! 

I decided to bind the quilt as the 1855 original.  
The technique:
   *  The binding is 1/2" finished, single layer.
   *  Each side is added separately.
   *  The 'open' end is whip stitched closed.
After all, I was reproducing Catherine's quilt.
It is good to try something out today's norm.

I plan to get a hanging sleeve on it and will probably share a picture of it hung...
In the mean time I have Calico Paradise in the quilt frame.  Once the outlining is complete I will move to hoop quilting.

Walnut thimble holder

I have done a little work on my 'do over' of 
N. Hinde, reproduction 1778 English sampler.
The linen is 35 count, the thread is silk.  It is stitched over one thread.  It is available from the Scarlet Letter.

I have the lovely grained maple frame ready for finishing.

Have a great weekend! 
I'll be savoring my quilt...and just maybe finishing a sampler.


  1. Looking forward to seeing CG hanging up. Beautiful quilting.

  2. Can't wait to see the whole thing! I am basting a quilt right now so I can start handquilting. Nice to see other folks still doing it as well...

  3. I love the intials and date! The thin binding though fiddly to do is worth it. Looks great from the back!

  4. That is a beautiful quilt and a lot of beautiful hand work.


  5. Wow! It is certainly beautiful from the back! Congrats on finishing up so much amazing work.:)

  6. Beautiful quilting, looking forward to see the whole quilt.

  7. Wow! Such beautiful work! Isn't handquilting wonderful to do and to see? I love the way you did the initials and the dat in your quilting. Just beautiful.

  8. The sneak peek looks incredible Dawn! Can't wait to see the whole quilt.

  9. Spectacular! What a sense of accomplishment. Congrats!

  10. Can't wait to see the whole quilt. Your quilting is amazing. So, glad you share your tallent. You inspire me to slow down and make smaller stitches. Thanks!

  11. Wow! Amazing!

  12. Beautiful quilting designs and so much of them. I like that you quilted your initials and the year in the quilt. Did the original quilt have something like that?

  13. Your quilting is wonderful. I can't wait to see a picture of it hanging.

  14. Dawn, beautiful quilting and love the way you put your initials and date on it. The little sampler is very tempting.

  15. Congratulations Dawn! The quilting is amazing! What a sense of accomplishment you must have by doing it all by hand.

  16. You get an amazing amount of work done! And it's all just beautiful. I can't wait to see Catherine's Quilt hung so I can see all of it. Amazing!

  17. Just amazing that it's all done by hand. Cant wait to see it hanging.

  18. It is beautiful!!! Congratulations.

  19. There are just not enough superlatives to express. You must be SO thrilled to put this beauty in the 'Done' column *s*

  20. Just gorgeous. Congratulations on reproducing to your heart's content this beautiful quilt!

  21. Amazing! The year and initials make it on so special. Beautiful quilting

  22. Oh, you are making us wait to see the whole front! I'll just have to be patient. ; c ) What I do see looks lovely. Lots of beautiful hand quilting! You really are on a roll with the hand quilting - already have another quilt in the frame. You go girl! Happy Mother's Day!

  23. Your quilting is just beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole quilt.

  24. Just gorgeous, congratulations, it is a masterpiece :))
    You make it sound not to daunting, so will have to do my General Wives by hand too.

  25. Oh, it looks so wonderful - HAVE TO SEE MORE!!! I love the idea of quilting in your initials and the date - and may just start doing that on all of the quilts that I hand quilt.

  26. This quilt is a real treasure. You should be soooo proud.

  27. Hi, What a great finish that is. Dineke from the Netherlands

  28. Wow,it`s simply beautiful.Great quilt and handquilting!!

    Can´t wait to see it finished.Happy quilting.

  29. What a wonderful work of art!

  30. My goodness this is gorgeous! You do beautiful work! I like how you stitched the date in, too!

  31. Oh, my! Hand pieced, hand quilted. You must be so proud of you! Truly a heritage quilt. :)

  32. Woo hoo!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!

  33. that tiny sampler ~!!!~



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