Friday, November 9, 2012

Seeing Red - A Little Finish

Pattern:  Treasures From Holland
Petra Prins / Quilt Mania

I've been using lots of red...on the walls and in my quilts.

Seemed the perfect time to finish Little Red.

I posted about it last February, (seems like only last month)...  I had completed the top and was considering backings and bindings.  It sat for a while until it spoke to me and a comfortable decision was made.

I ended up using a conversational print shown in the pictures below as the backing.  I used the floral stripe from the sashing for binding.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted.
I used Quilters Dream Cotton and I think it is a little too heavy for my taste.  I'm going back to Fairfield Blue Ribbon on future projects.

Little Red Back with sewing aids

Since I'm on a red kick, I went through some of the sewing goodies looking for red.

Pictured are:
   Sewing Roll - Leather, silk tie about 3"
Ivory wool interior.

   Pin Ball - Red wool, black silk with rick rack trim and hanger.  Did you know rick rack (spellings vary) dates back to the 1800's?

   Sweet grass and red velvet pin cushion

2" x 4"  Shaker Sewing Roll

If you like your red more discreet - how about this sewing roll?

See the red peeking out along the edge?

Amazing what can be packed inside this little beauty.

The inside is lined in beautiful red silk fabric.

Wool pages are embroidered for storing pins and needles.

Three sewn leather pockets store needles.

The 'box' portion holds a thimble and thread spools.

The other end of the roll has a pocket and scissor sheath.

Note the separate lid that snaps over the box area.

I have a few of these in various style I'll share in future posts.

I have the tape loom threaded and have about two feet of tape woven.  Of course I am using some red threads.

I am learning about tension, speed and pattern!  Also reading about tape and loom history.

I will have enough to bind a small doll quilt...someday.

I am working on a longer post about tapes and the looms.

Are you working with anything red this week?  It has me thinking about the holidays!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Love the finish, love the collection, and the tape loom -- so cool!! how do you raise the threads to stick the shuttle though?

  2. Such a great little quilt - do you use the Request weight of the Quilter's Dream batting? I've used Mountain Mist before - in the early days when my hands didn't bother me. Fairly tough to needle, but it gives a nice, flat finish.

  3. I love the red - all of it!!! I remember you posting about the red quilt - I really, really, like it!! Want to get the book and make the quilt!! Of course your little sewing treasures are adorable!!! The tape loom is very interesting!

  4. the quilt turned out beautifully and i always like to hear that there has been hand quilting involved.

    all of your treasures are so wonderful, especially the tape loom. i'd love to hear/read more about how that works.


  5. Little Red is a great quilt. Just how little is it?
    That Shaker sewing roll is fascinating.
    Ah, that is what you do with the tape loom. Very cool!

  6. Lovely red and white quilt and love you collection of sewing things that tape loom is amazing. Glad you knew what it was when you spotted at the antique store.

    Hope DH made it home. X

  7. Little Red is such a great finish. Of course, red is my favorite. The Shaker sewing roll is really cool. Can't wait to hear more about your tape loom.

  8. The finish is wonderful, and I love all the vintage goodies in red!!

    I'm working on red applique baskets. Have a long way to go with them!

  9. What a sweet quilt Dawn!!
    The sewing rolls are so cool!!

  10. Your Little Red is fantastic. I love everything in that book. I've been working on my red and white JT2 blocks. Thanks for sharing all your terrific sewing notions.

  11. Wow. A tape loom. That's a first for me. Love seeing your sewing collectibles and hearing stories about them.

  12. You've finished another beautiful quilt! I'm really curious about how you can bind a quilt with a tape - it looks so narrow. I guess I'll just try to be patient and wait for your posts on it. Have a great weekend!

  13. Love the little quilt and your collection.

    I am new to the tape loom - will have to do some research on that. Thanks for showing it.


  14. Love this quilt! The conversation fabric is such fun. What do you like about the Fairfield batting? Quilters Dream is a favorite in my area.
    I'm thinking about my red and white challenge blocks - no action yet.

  15. Your red and white quilting wonderful. Really curious about your tape loom, and uses for the tape. I've never seen one before. Love all the mini quilts you showed on your previous post. Friends are grand, and we are lucky to have them. Glad to hear you have met new friends in your new area!

  16. The red quilt is fantastic. I love red too.

  17. Love Little Red! The backing is a wonderful print.

    I'm glad to see the progress shot of your tape loom.

    The Shaker sewing roll is fabulous! I enjoy seeing the sewing accessories from your collection.

  18. I like how you let your quilts talk to you and give a little input! Very sweet quilt--congrats on the finish. I seem to be using some form of red in most of my quilts these day. Definitely one of my favorite colors.


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