Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Littles - Donations and Gallery Wall Addition

This is my Little Whole Cloth for my home Gallery Wall.

I LOVE this colorway and didn't buy it - and a quilt bud came through for me - Life is good!
Now I can look at it everyday...

No Piecing - it is hand quilted and finished with a knife edge.

For the back I used a mini preprinted whole cloth from The Stencil Company HERE.

I could have just cross hatched but I wanted to practice curves and I like the texture this one has.

It is hand quilted in a cream thread.

As I was snipping a thread on the front porch at dusk, getting the most of the dwindling light....

I cut the backing fabric!  Not just a little V cut...the whole piece came off.

I meant to go back and mend it before I washed the quilt - I forgot - but look how nice it closed up.  I thought it would be larger and a bit frayed...

Tossed Red and Green 7" x 8.25"

I was doing a little tidy up in the sewing room and decided to make a few more AAQI donation quilts.

I was able to hand quilt them while we watched a movie.  Great fun - and quite liberating.

Once I submitted one and had been through all of the steps they were a snap to get registered.  I sent three off in this batch.

I will be doing more of these!

Gray Matter   6.5" x 7.5"

This one is the friend to my Goldie Gray Medallion.

It looks crooked - but it was my camera angle...

I like the touches of blue in this one.

Seeing Red 9" x 10"

I included some of my favorite fabrics in this one.

I love red and brown.

This one is also machine pieced and hand quilted.

Like I said, it is hard to stop on these...

Thanks to those of you who inspired me to get involved with this effort!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Click HERE if You'd like to join the fun and participate in Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative


  1. Nice little quilts. So many worthy causes--I wish I could be involved in all of them!

  2. I just love those little pre-printed mini's. I have a collection that I use as dresser scarves *s*

  3. The green pheasant is glorious! what a great friend. Love the little wholecloth and especially like the knife-edge finish. A little quilt is a great way to test it out.

  4. This is fabulous. I never considered making a whole cloth small quilt! The quilting is perfect.

  5. well I just love your whole cloth quilt and now yes I am going to have to give it a try.
    your donation quilts are adorable, especially the red one.
    let us know when they become available for sale I just think I need that one!

  6. Your whole cloth quilt is beautiful - love the texture! WIsh I could touch it!
    I really had to search to for the place you accidentally clipped.
    Those little quilts for AAQI are precious. Great names for them, too!

  7. What lovely little works of art! I love the whole cloth quilt, beautiful!!!!

  8. i've never tried doing a knife edge but i sure like that little quilt and will have to consider it as a finish option on one of my upcoming small quilts.

    your AAQI quilts are fabulous and i'll be watching for when they come up for sale.

    mine have now been photographed but are still "waiting for assignment". i know that they are gathering/hoarding quite a few for an upcoming show . . .



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