Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ferns and Berries a Little Detail

I was asked to show some detail in my Ferns and Berries (aka Staghorn Fern) quilt.
It lived a full life before it came to live here - but there is still plenty left to enjoy about this faded beauty.
I think documenting quilts that could potentially become 'cutters' is very important.
This quilt has exquisite hand quilting, and we've captured it all.
A lot of love and dedication was put into finishing this quilt.
It makes me wonder what she would think if she saw it now?

It has a few holes, worn fabric, tattered binding and some light stains.

I am happy to have it.   Even in its worn condition I think of it as a work of art.

I think it is great the quilt was loved and used.  It certainly brightened the lives it touched.

I do not plan to do any 'restoration' - and have enjoyed it as is.

I was also asked about the stems and berries.
They vary a bit, as with most hand work.  Here's a photo with a measure along side the applique.

Our pattern has them all drawn exact - but don't worry about perfection - IMHO perfection is over rated anyway.

Perfect circles?  Who needs them?
I think these circles look more like real berries and add some interest to the quilt as a whole.  It doesn't have an engineered factory made look.

The pattern has very detailed quilting lines as well as the applique (full size) - so you can duplicate it or improvise.

I have seen a few other similar quilts: The Christ Collection, a crib version sold in a Pook & Pook Auction, and a couple in a book I noted in the post link below.

Have a wonderful weekend (for those of you in the US - enjoy the holiday)

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! I too love giving those old quilts a home!! So much love went into making it! I'm tempted to get this pattern too!! But need to finish up some projects!

    Have a great day!

  2. i think this is my favorite of all of the quilt patterns that you have for sale~!

    such a pretty original piece and clearly loved by many~!


  3. Thanks for sharing the details. Lovely quilting!
    I agree, perfection is over rated and unattainable!

  4. Oh such a pretty quilt! I love seeing and hearing more detail!

  5. Love the "close-up" look at this quilt. I think all of our tools to get things just right have taken away a measure of the individuality of our quilts.

  6. I agree perfect circles are over-rated! Love how you've given these quilts a new life....

  7. I love that quilt. Your patterns are an important way to preserve quilting history!

  8. Perfect circles? It's never happened with me! I do wonder what the maker would think if she knew her quilt was being shown to quilters via a blog, seen on a computer, and traveling through the web!

  9. It is a beauty! The soft colors and worn bits signify it was truly loved, I think! Thanks for sharing.


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