Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Quilts in One with Great Color

Large floral prints surround the center yellow and blue 
This quilt is a fun example of color and prints.

I've enjoyed looking at the wild mix of prints.

Hand Quilted - nice cable in the blue outer border.

Binding:  Front folded to the back and machine stitched down with rather long stitches in white thread.


The back is as good as the front.

What a great job lining up the framed bar backing.

When you enlarge the picture you can see the quilting lines.

Center Prints

Here are some detail shots of the fabrics.

Center fabrics are prints - no solids in the center or the quilt.

Great textured blacks....nice contrast by the lights/blues.

Quilting lines on the black fabric.

Pieced Stripe
The pink reads peach in this photo - but that's my bad photography not doing it justice.

Seems like I've been 'on the go' for weeks - because I have!  Its all been FUN.  I have so many more vintage sewing tools to share - but it will be a bit before I get back to those - thanks for waiting ;-)
Hope you are having fun too.
Do you love the use of color and prints in this quilt??


  1. I LOVE the colors in this quilt!!! It is wonderful, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What a wonderful quilt for fabric study! Nice little hand stitches. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are having fun! It's been busy and fun here, too!

  3. Love this quilt. My favorite is scrappy quilts.

  4. A nice variety of prints in the quilt. It all blends together well.

  5. Wow, that's really cool! I love quilts with pretty pieced backings. :D

  6. Yes Dawn I do love all the colors and variety of prints in your little quilt. I too have been having fun.

  7. What fun to see the fabrics up close - thanks for such good pictures! A great quilt!


  8. Wow! What a clever use of fabrics and colour!
    Looove your quilting!

    A stunning quilt!

  9. Yes, that is a great quilt. That pattern is really intiguing to me.

  10. Wow! Interesting mix of fabrics, but very pleasing to the eye!!!

  11. Love the darling quilt with the amazing backing. Like two quilts in one.

  12. I love the quilt. I have seen bars backs before, but I have never seen one framed the way yours is. Cool.

  13. The maker was not afraid of using bold colors that's for sure1 I love it!!

  14. The quilt has both wonderful colors and hand quilting but I think I like the back best!

  15. Fabulous in every way! It brings to mind the Perkiomen style for me. And the fabrics are wonderful. What a find.

  16. Fabulous quilt! Thanks for sharing the details with us! Sounds like you are having a great summer - yay!!!

  17. that is a great quilt! i sometimes forget what you can accomplish with simplistic patterns and more concentration on print and color value. thanks for sharing!

  18. Purchased at auction - I didn't make this one!

  19. It is a beauty, Dawn. I love the careful color placement, even though it is scrappy. Very nice effect!

  20. I think, this is a beuatiful quilt. A quilt with 2 lovely sites to show.
    Thakns for sharing with us.

  21. yes, a FABULOUS use of values in this piece~!!~
    that strippy back is a nice bonus and the hand quilting looks wonderful. i'm curious about it's size?
    thank you for sharing some close ups of the fabrics. it's always so interesting to see the antique prints and colors.

    looking forward to seeing what new goodies you've managed to add to your collection.


  22. great quilt! I love the striped backing too

  23. Another gorgeous quilt with great stitching and colourways.


Thanks for your comments!