Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Spring

Fabric in vintage pin wheel quilt - hand quilted
Happy Spring from along the front range.

The crocus that bloomed last week are covered in a fresh blanket of snow.  The great thing about getting a big snow here is it doesn't stay around for long.

That's not stopping us from thinking about warm weather and flowers.

We have lots of rabbits in our yard so anything we plant is at risk of becoming their dinner.

This vintage applique crib sheet is hand stitched.

The curtain is dimensional.

The words of the entire nursery school poem:
(First published in 1784)

Bye, baby bunting,
Father's gone a-hunting,
Mother's gone a-milking,
Sister's gone a-silking,
Brother's gone to buy a skin
To wrap the baby bunting in.
Cry, baby bunting,
Daddy’s gone a-hunting,
Gone to get a rabbit skin
To wrap the baby bunting in

Some of our song birds are returning. This is my lead in to eggs ;-)
I first saw these sewing eggs on Merilyn's Quiltminstrel blog.   HERE
I told here I had never seen the Singer Eggs in the US.  I still haven't, but I have found a few sewing eggs.

I'm pretty sure the gold egg is good luck!
Here are the eggs opened.
The gold egg holds a velvet pin cushion with a tape measure in the bottom.  The thimble sits atop the cushion with a little clamp.
The red egg is a mending kit complete with thread, needle and thimble - no brand.
The egg might be a painted milk glass darning egg - more research needed on it.

Happy spring or fall depending where you live!

References: (Longer verses and history)  HERE 
More about baby bunting HERE
Crib quilt with the same name HERE


  1. What a darling little quilt!! Yours? The eggs are very interesting - you always have something to inspire us!!


  2. Yes, my pieces - the pink pin wheel and the applique sheet. I love the idea of an applique 'sheet' and no quilting!

  3. I have never seen those eggs either Dawn . A nice addition to Easter decorating.
    Spring has not sprung here. A smattering of snow here but further north 10 ft snow drifts yesterday.

  4. Ok, those eggs are so cool! Never seen such things either. Just wonderful!

  5. The bunny design sheet is adorable. Very spring looking for decorating. I would not want to use it for a baby since it is vintage but would be adorable in a baby's room.

    I have never seen sewing eggs. Well, I might have and just thought they were a decorative egg.

  6. Aren't those eggs marvellous! thanks for sharing and enjoy your Easter :)

  7. Thanks for sharing about that little poem. It was interesting to do the word study to get an accurate meaning. I was thankful for the additional moisture this weekend, even if it was in the form of snow.

  8. Love the bunny fabric! Are they doing the hula hoop? : )
    I'd like to find the goose that laid that golden egg--what a cool piece!

  9. Adorable bunnies! And the eggs are so cool- another thing I've never seen before. I thought of you yesterday - wondered if you had lots of snow. We had about 5" yesterday and more in the forecast for today.

  10. Bunnies every where! The vintage fabric is precious. Interesting how the curtain is dimensional on the sheet. Looks like it is in great condition.
    Love that golden egg.
    Thanks for the references. Amazing, the many meanings of a word.
    It is snowing on our daffodils this morning!

  11. Thanks for sharing. I have never seen sewing eggs very interesting and I can just see a babies little fingers playing with the curtain on the baby sheet.

  12. So nice at last to see your Sewing Eggs!!!! They are wonderful, I see that we are even in our collection, the hunt will continue LOL!!! I wonder how many Sewing Egg Collectors there are out there LOL!!!! Thankyou for sharing your unique pieces, I love them!!!!!
    Oh! and I loved the nursery rhyme too!!!!

  13. Pretty eggs! I love your vintage bunnies, too. Hope the snow melts fast so the flowers can bloom freely again!

  14. love that moon peeking in through the window~!!~
    in a climate where the temperatures are especially warm, an applique sheet would be a good way to go.

    loved seeing the cute bunny fabric and all of those hand quilting stitches~!

    the eggs are interesting and not something i was familiar with. apparently they function in a variety of ways . . .

    our temps have been coming up and sometimes it even rains rather than snows. today we got a couple of downpours. this is actually not our normal spring weather . . . it's much warmer than normal (for this time of the year).



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