Monday, September 2, 2013

A Gift Quilt From 2002

It is always interesting for me to look back on past projects. I thought I would share this quilt from 2002.  I saw Lori of Humble Quilts post about this quilt and knew she was one of the pattern designers.  A good time to share my version.

I was looking for a quilt to make for a special friend who was moving.  This pattern fit my criteria;  it had history, piecing, applique, colorful and fun.  I put the information about each block (provided with the detailed patterns) and made a booklet that was gifted with the quilt.

You can usually find the magazine with all the patterns on eBay.  I think it was later published separately as a pattern pack.

America Quilts Civil War Sampler 2002
Mc Call's Quilting

87" x 87"
This is the quilt on my friend's deck.
Some place in my archives I have closeups of every block showing my fabric choices.  It is all machine stitched.

Designers listed on the pattern:
Lori DeJarnatt, Patty Harants, Ruthie Houghton, Paula Libby, Carol Malgren, Gabrielle Owens, Janet Peterson, Jill Reid and Stephanie Winn, Barbara Childs and Denise Davis.

I saw my friend recently and was pleased to hear she is using the quilt.
It is the only sampler quilt I've made - how about you?

Loris posts about her quilt are HERE and HERE


  1. It is so fun to see someone else quilt from your pattern. Thanks for sharing! I just an email to our group today with your photo and now your blog link.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt and a wonderful gift for your friend.


  3. I saw this on Lori's blog. It is fun to see other versions of it. Looks really good. Nice to know it is appreciated.
    There was a time when I made almost nothing but sampler quilts, but after about 6 in a row I finally moved on to other quilts. I still make samplers, but just not in such heavy concentration--and mine don't include applique. : )

  4. Dawn I love your version of the quilt. You did a great job.

  5. Yes, I made a sampler quilt top and it was huge! Well, I guess I have made more than one. I have not made the Civil War version that you made. I did have the magazine and loaned it to a friend. She still wants to use the pattern. Rather than press, I just ordered a copy from Amazon. I was not aware of Lori being one of the designers until I saw her blog post. You were very detailed in what you made and gave to a friend.

  6. I saw Lori's post and I just love seeing your version of the quilt that you made for your friend. It's beautiful! What a wonderful gift for your friend! Good that she's using it too.

  7. i've only made the 'random' type of sampler quilt and only a doll sized one but did enjoy it.

    your version of this quilt is absolutely gorgeous . . . i think that i like it better than the cover quilt~!
    what a lucky friend to get such a generous heirloom quality gift from you. i think it's extra special that she is using it on her bed.


  8. I think sampler quilts are fun to make! I'm pretty sure that I have this magazine - need to go through the archives and see what I can find!

  9. your quilt looks great - thanks for listing all the women who designed it!

  10. Lucky friend! I used one of the blocks in my version of The Circuit Rider's Quilt. You did a beautiful job.

  11. You are so generous to gift a quilt like that - what a beauty! I don't think I've ever made a sampler quilt - another quilt on the to do list!


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