Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hexagon Charm Quilt

Velma loves this quilt!
This is my newly finished little charm quilt wall hanging.

Velma loves it, and I hope you do too.

I used 1/2" Hexagons from Paper Pieces.  Sometimes I am able to get them locally, sometimes mail order.  The last time I did a mail order I added their acrylic templates - great for fussy cutting.

Since this is a charm quilt, there are no repeats in the fabrics. 
Totals - 387 unique fabrics in the hexagons
                 3 border prints that are not in the hexagons
                 1 Purple stripe for the backing
                 1 TBD print for the binding
For a grand total of 392 prints in a 22" x 28" little quilt

Back, ready for layering

This is a close up of the back, all trimmed and ready for layering.  I plan to hand quilt this for an upcoming auction donation.
I use thread basting to cover the papers, NOT going through the papers - I reuse my papers. No glue.  This is the process that works best for me.
Use what works best for you!
I travel with these little jewels - great portable work.

Backing Fabric

This is my backing fabric.

You might recall I used this for the backing on my Calico Paradise quilt.

I almost did a bar backing.  Maybe on the next one.  I have a second one half way done and lots of up coming travel.

Medallion Setting Charm Quilt - Three Borders

One more picture.

I convinced Velma I would include her in this post if she would please move for a bit.  She really wanted you to see how nice her catnip mouse looks in the center...

If you would like to see more charm quilts, the Mengei Museum has perhaps the World's Best collection of vintage and antique charm quilts from the collection of Pat L. Nickols.  HERE

I'm off to press, layer and start hand quilting my reproduction fabric charm quilt.  While I hand quilt I will contemplate the binding fabric.

Have a great week!


  1. I need to finish off my hexagon piece and deciding on what type of design to quilt on it. Your piece came out beautifully and I look forward to seeing how you quilt it.


  2. Just love it Dawn! Amazing to know how many fabrics squeezed in to that little quilt - you must have had such fun drawing from your stash. Your work is inspiring as ever :)

  3. Great little quilt. I love those 1/2 inch papers.

  4. This is just so absolutely gorgeous! And so many fabrics -- wow! I am in love! I agree with Velma -- it's wonderful. And she's adorable!

  5. Your quilt is charming indeed. Charm quilts are fun to make, but usually create havoc in the sewing room pulling out all those pieces of fabric. Do you have a trick? Love the photo with Velma.

  6. Wonderful little quilt, Dawn! How will you hand quilt it--there are so many seams in there?
    Maybe Velma thinks this quilt is for her--just the right size! : )

  7. Really great colors! I just love the circle effect of the layout too.:)

  8. Beautiful!! 392 different fabrics!!! How do you find the space to store that many fabrics???
    I'm off to look at those quilts. Thank you fr the link.

  9. This is so sweet! I love the way you framed it, too :)

  10. Only 22 X 28 and 392 different prints!! AMAZING!! I love it! Beautiful little stitches! Great work. And please tell Velma she looks very regal with all the colours as a backdrop!

  11. Lovely little quilt, very nice

  12. I love how your little hexagon quilt top turned out! It's really beautiful.

  13. Wow! Dawn, it turned out lovely! The backing is gorgeous as well. Congrats!

  14. A "minor" detail, but the fringe
    design in one of the photos of
    the exhibit is spectacular...
    wonder how long it took to complete and apply...Thank you
    for sharing this wonderful exhibit. Please put my name in the
    hat for the companion book.

  15. So pretty! And Velma is a nice touch. Look forward to seeing your completed quilt. How can you give this one up!?! Love the backing fabric.

  16. I l-o-v-e-d that quilt. Luckily, a friend was the successful bidder so I can have another viewing. Did you rotary cut your pieces before basting or just "eyeball" them?

    1. All cut with scissors. I hand baste, assemble, press, trim to just under 1/4", remove paper for reuse.


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