Saturday, January 3, 2015

Catherine's Garden 2015 BOM

We are excited to launch our new digital block of the month for 2015!
Catherine's Garden On Point

Based on an 1855 quilt in our collection, we created a set of 16 applique blocks, set on point.
The pattern includes 24 of the fabulous flowers from the original quilt and a variation of the border.

The pattern set is $3/Month for 12 Months
Click HERE for Details and Ordering

The reproduction medallion pattern is still available HERE.

The first month includes:  Yardage requirement, Layout Diagram, Cutting Instructions, Full Size Applique Patterns, Color Photos of the first two antique and reproductions applique flowers.

One of my very talented friends made her medallion reproduction of Catherine's Garden on a yellow ground.  I LOVED IT FROM DAY 1.  However, I did mine on cream ground thinking since I owned the antique on yellow ground I would do my reproduction on cream.  While I love my completed quilt, I have always wanted to make one on yellow ground.  Of course, cheddar ground would be awesome too....
We also heard from customers who enjoy smaller blocks.  
That's how the idea for the block layout of Catherine evolved.  I joyfully have all of the flowers I love, on a yellow ground in a wonderful block layout - including the amazing borders.  
Now, if only I had a rich colorful antique pink lily quilt like my friend has...

Happy 2015!
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  1. very pretty new bom I'm sure you'll get lots of participants!

  2. Wow quite a quilt that one is! Haven't seen it before. Very lovely. I think I like your version on lighter background better .. but if you make one with cheddar background, I might change my mind. :D

  3. This is a pretty one! It'll be fun to watch.

  4. This is a pretty one!!
    Happy 2015

    Greetings from Holland,...

  5. Love this block! Oh, the temptation! I really, really would love to make this with wool.

  6. What an exciting BOM! Good luck!

  7. Love seeing your BOM's pop up everywhere in blogland! Really fun to see the variations.:)

  8. Yay for flowers!! I hope somebody does a cheddar version!

  9. Oh my - this is going to be another stunning BOM! all the background colour options sound exciting.. Your patterns are always SO inspiring Dawn! I have just purchased your beautiful 'Harrison Rose' ... If only there were more hours in the day!

  10. Oh I love the yellow background! And, I quite agree that we all need more - QUILTING - hours in the day!

  11. Gosh, another terrific BOM project!
    The flowers in this first block are gorgeous!

  12. Great background Dawn! Love that little block. It will be a beautiful quilt!


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