Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Audition is Over

A couple weeks ago I told friends I would have the borders on a quilt - then didn't post about it.  The top had me stuck for a year deciding on borders.

I LOVE Dutch fabrics.  Maybe LOVE isn't even a strong enough description...Obsessed?

When I bought "A History of Dutch Quilts" by An Moonen I savored every page - so of course when she and Petra Prins published "Promenade in a Dutch Garden" I was all in.  Their deep, rich textile heritage is evident!

I've been working my way through the books making several of the quilts.  I have more on the bucket list and stacks of Dutch fabrics to pull from.

This is my top with the borders I finally decided on.

I decided the larger scale light chintz is what I liked best.

I chose a light cream solid back that looks like linen.

The batting is a first for me, "Quilters Dream Angel"
Request:  Thinnest loft preferred by hand quilters

I won't get to it until I have Harrison Rose quilted.
The top is layered and ready when I am.

This quilt has wonderful details.

A mix of blocks.

The wonderful center star.

I chose fabrics to match the antique shown on the cover of An's book.

You can see more of my finished Dutch inspired quilts HERE.

You can find wonderful Dutch fabrics HERE.  Including the harder to find Dutch Heritage STRIPES.

Have a great week!


  1. And here, from Holland, I can only say that your top has become womderful! I really love your fabric choice for the border, and ofcourse all the surprising details.
    But... I also love your Noah&Mathilda pattern, that I downloaded last week (and that is where a dutch girl loves something from the States 😉).

    1. Nice we can learn about each other's culture and history! My next Dutch quilt will have some applique!

  2. Dutch fabrics are something about which I haven't really become well acquainted. Love your pile of them.
    That is a beautifully scrappy creation. I had to enlarge it to get a good look at the way the fabrics play off of each other, and to see the different blocks in the design.

  3. What a great quilt! Love the blend of fabrics. The border fabric is perfect!

  4. I love Dutch quilts too! I made a mini but really need to do something larger! Love your border fabric

  5. Your quilt top looks Exquisite!
    I look forward to seeing it finished.

  6. It looks fabulous! I love that large print chintz! I received some Dutch chintz from some visiting Dutch relatives but can't bring myself to cut into it... The prints are so rich and beautiful.

  7. I love your choice of borders for your Dutch quilt. I look at those same books over and over again. Thanks for the fabric resource. I might just have to add to my very small collection.

  8. Those fabrics are gorgeous and I think the chintz you chose for the border is perfect. I enjoyed going back and seeing your other dutch inspired quilts.

  9. I really enjoyed looking at your finished top and scrolling through the related posts. i can see you are taken with the dutch heritage fabrics and I think the border you chose works beautifully with the rest of the quilt. Quite striking.

  10. Love your choice!! Well done an it looks really wonderful.

  11. Now that is a nice stack of fabric! Love the quilt and all of the different fabrics in it. I really need to get back to my hand quilting. If only there were more hours in the day!

  12. Years ago, I wanted some Dutch fabrics and decided to order from the source. I thought an assortment bundle was reasonably priced and ordered them. Much to my surprise, the majority of what I got was fabrics sold in the USA and not too many of the Dutch prints. Oh well, lesson learned.

    1. I am so sorry that happened. I am sure it was before Petra and Nel bought Den Hans. It was previously owned by an eccentric pair that could be challenging to deal with. We are very lucky to have a few US shops importing them.

  13. Now I wanted to order everything I saw and read all of the links more fully as well! Reminding myself it's going to over 90 degrees today....I need to do outside work asap and come back to here in the afternoon ! :)

    What a gorgeous quilt here, and then so much eye candy in all of the links as well :)

  14. gee thanks for the link to the dutch fabrics....i think :(


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