Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Road Trip 2015

Paxico Kansas - Population 220
This month we took a road trip across the heartland of the USA.  The American Quilt Study Group held their annual seminar in Indianapolis Indiana.  I usually fly, but this year I had signed up to give a study center.  I had too much to bring along so we shopped our way there!

We left the Interstate for breaks and visited small towns off the beaten path.  Small town coffee shops and antique stores are all favorite destinations.  When they said thank you for the business, we could feel it.

Flint Hills area of Kansas

We find surprises ... while planning ahead we leave time for a little adventure driving.
There was the Native Stone Scenic Byway.  We stopped for lunch at a small local dairy/creamery that made cheese.  We enjoyed tree lined streets lined with stone houses.

We stopped at a Sparks Flea Market held twice a year in Troy Kansas.  The area was established around 1850.

I was hot and humid, but we found a few treasures and got in some good walking time.
After driving for hours it was a nice break.

Sparks Flea Market Building

One can imagine what the area was like by the buildings.  The buildings are now rented by the day to antique dealers who want more than an awning to offer their goods in.

Tin Ceiling and Crown Molding

I wondered what the future holds for the buildings.

Sadly, the buildings are probably not high on any conservation list.  The stories they hold, a way of life long gone - all fading away.

Warehouse Antique Shopping

We did visit larger antique malls.  Even these former warehouses hold stories of businesses and processes long gone.

Some buildings were several stories with large freight elevators - ideal for large furniture pieces and store fixtures.

You are probably here to read about the quilts...

Yes, I bought quilts.
Yes, I left many quilts behind.

Just as my quilting changes as the years pass, so does my quilt collecting.

I will share my purchases in future posts, we did buy many treasures.

This post will be for the quilts still out there waiting for new homes.

This quilt is simple half square triangles - simple setting - wonderful results.
Hand quilted.

I like pink used as a light neutral.

Racks of quilts for sale
Lovely fabric combinations

Temptations at every turn

Quilts that raised questions begging for research
(Freddie - grandma wanted you to keep the quilt)

With each rest break, we returned to the freeway reflecting on how fast paced
life is - and wondering where the future will take us.

I hope September has been good to you,
Happy Stitching - Dawn


  1. Sounds like you had a fun trip. Look forward to seeing more about it. I wonder if Freddie's wife made him give up "that old blanket".

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip - the ideal way to cross the country! Great photos but touched with sadness - seeing the neglected buildings...and quilts. Freddie's quilt label is fascinating isn't it?
    Can't wait to see your purchases :)

  3. What a great way to travel to Seminar. Looking forward to seeing some of the treasures you found along the way. Great meeting you in person!!

  4. It looks like you had a beautiful drive thru the country on your way to and from Indiana!
    Love the quilts you left behind, can't wait to see the ones you brought home.

  5. I love a good road trip ... and reading about one! Can't wait to see what quilts you bought, but also love seeing those that you left behind.

  6. I enjoyed the scenery...that lovely waterfall area....seeing Freddie's quilt for sale is sad, isn't it. Something that should be handed down through the family :(

  7. Your trip brought back some memories of small Kansas towns as my husband was from one, but not any you visited. I am presently in Lancaster, PA and having a great time buying fabric eating good food and seeing some beautiful scenery as we scout out every quilt shop in the county. I hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable.

    1. Another great area of the country to enjoy! I try to get there every year. Travel safe and have FUN!!

  8. What type study did you present?

    1. My study center was on 19th c. tape and braid bindings. The study sessions are all 2 hours long. I started with a PowerPoint presentation, then we moved to a large table and viewed about 20 examples. I think it was full, with 40 participants. I also attended study centers - which were all very good.

  9. What a great road trip. We get in such a hurry, trying to get from point A to B. I'm glad you had the time to stop and explore. Can't wait to see you newest treasures.

  10. What an adventure--I love your way of travel!
    Freddie's quilt breaks my heart. I agree with your note wholeheartedly.
    I look forward to seeing the quilts you adopted.

  11. Perhaps a better way to frame it - - better it goes to live someplace that will take care of it, than end up in the barn or destroyed. It appeared to have never been used or washed.

  12. Oh what fun. And, I can't believe you didn't bring home that purple vanity!

  13. How fun to see the treasures at the antique mall. Love the Lily quilt and the embroidery on Freddie's quilt :0) I look forward to seeing what came home with you!

  14. Love the pictures of your road trip - and the quilts too, of course.

  15. Oooh that is a read trip that I would LOVE. I usually have to pass right by this kind of fun with a dog and space issues. ha ha
    great antique quilts! love that nine patch with pink on the rack :)

  16. I am a new reader of your blog and have really enjoyed your beautiful photos. Ann


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