Monday, August 7, 2017

Treasure Hunting In A Barn

We had a fun weekend.  So many things on our "to do" list we ignored. Sometimes you just need to have fun.

Heading to rural areas west of us, we went to a flea market. In the early morning sunrise we walked heavy dew in the grass down row after row of vendors.The smell of hot coffee and fresh picked produce lingered in the air. I found a few smalls and was so "in the moment" I didn't take any photos.

After breakfast in a small cafe we decided to visit a few antique shops - one in a large barn.  I love barns! The old timber and construction techniques are fascinating.

This quilt was interesting to examine. Hand quilted, narrow back to front binding.
The red was unstable and had faded to a peachy-brown shade.
Note that orange block in the lower left corner.

Hand Quilted, Double lines in the alternate blocks

Rework Top 

Several personal blocks, beautiful embroidery
at the seams
This 1916 block must have had personal
1905 block with the month of Feb. next to a block of hands
The blue ink is from the brand label of the original flour bag

Skirt bottom of a christening gown
Two color quilt - hand quilted

Detail of hand quilting - Lovely stitches

Wonderful scrappy look to this one!
It wasn't just a textile day - this sweet
doll dresser has great details

I think this may end up in a quilt or two

Sometimes, it's just fun to remember

Wooden Spool Foot Stool
Barn Floor and Stairs from the Loft

Have a great week!
Happy Hunting and Stitching,

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  1. This is the kind of adventure I would love! So much vintage goodness waiting to be discovered.
    Were you a tap dancer, too?
    I gather the fabric came home with you--anything else?

    1. No, a 'wanna be' dancer!
      Yes the fabric and a few other things came home with me. I'll post those later.

  2. I LOVE the wooden spool foot stool. I knew I'd been saving all those wood spools for something!!
    (Nancy Swanwick)

  3. Well I haven't used electric dunce as an info name for years but I don't know how to change it...That photo of the barn steps leading to the treasure reminds me of a fie story barn filled with many vendors located somewhere just west of Augusta Maine. I went there once many years ago and I don't think I ever got past floor three. What beautiful quilts, and the spool table is so sweet. My name is Karin and I live on a backroad in midcoast Maine. I've always enjoyed your posts.

  4. fun to see the red work! I was in Leeuwarden, you should, must, go! It is on until september 11th. Its al about Sits, dresses dated from 1750! Will see you soon

    1. I am going to Leeuwarden, really looking forward to seeing the exhibit.
      Looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images. It was like being with you except that I didn't have to spend any money! I'mm looking forward to seeing that fabric again in another form!

  6. Dawn gracias por compartir!!!
    me encanta el primer edredón.

    1. En el punto lo mantiene interesante, los colores del noce también. que tengas una buena semana.

  7. What a delightful day. Lovely wuilts. Each with own secret history. I was going to ask if you had taken tap dancing when you were a kid. I did, too funny. I wonder if kids still do.

  8. What a great day - definitely worth leaving the list of chores behind! I love wandering in antique markets but so rarely see any quilts here. That spool stool had me wondering too :-o

  9. So many interesting finds :) thanks for sharing your "hunt".

  10. Wonderful shop and quilts. I always love just browsing and fun to see things from our childhood, not fun that they are considered antiques, lol.


  11. You really found some wonderful items (again 😉), Dawn, and it is a pleasure you share them with us, so we can enjoy! Love the stitches in the 2-color-quilt, the fabric with the panels, and especially the redwork quilt with the personal notes, that someone must have embroidered once with so much care and love. Well, we do have barns, but believe me... these finds you never see over here. Enjoy your treasures and see you soon!

  12. Such a wonderful treasure hunt and apparently you did find some. The fabric looks wonderful, you will have some fun with that!

  13. Thanks for sharing pics of your barn treasure hunt. So fun! Did you tap dance as a child?

  14. So glad you ditched your to do list. Maybe I should have hung onto my tap shoes........

  15. I think I could hunt for things like you showed for days in a row! So much fun to search for treasures!

  16. I like that blue and white quilt - lovely small stitches! Thanks for sharing all of these treasures. Who would have thought to make a stool like that with spools?!?

  17. Dawn thank you for sharing these treasures ; loved the post:)

  18. What wonderful treasures. Did anything come home with you?

  19. A post like this gets my heart beating fast...Just lovely..

  20. The fabric is wonderful! Did you purchase the doll dresser?
    I never got to take tap dance lessons but ended up with some black tap dance shoes and I don't remember how. A girlfriend showed me some steps and I practiced and practiced in the basement with those shoes.

  21. Enjoyed catching up with your adventures. Don't you just love the atmosphere of an old barn - looks like you saw and found some reL treasures.


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