Monday, October 9, 2017

Our World In Stitches Women of the West (WOW) Quilt Show

At the end of September I attended The Women of the West Quilt Show (WOW Guild) called "Our World In Stitches".

At the entry table attendees were given a viewers choice ballot. Two choices in four or five categories were possible.  These are always puzzlers for me, as it is SO HARD to select favorites.  After three trips through the quilts, I made my selections.

I'll share a few of the quilts here.
Let's GO!

This is a details show of the hand quilting on Jean Carlton's "Feathered World Without End (Pine Burr Variation).  It is a stunning quilt.  Hand quilted by Jean Calrton.

The quilts were hard to photograph without other attendees in the photos.

Jean did the quilt with the help of friend, Jennifer Ionia. Jennifer drafted the pattern and they each made pairs of blocks to swap with each other. Jean made additional blocks for a larger and unique quilt.

I appreciate the show labels having information about the quilts, beyond the basics.

The quilt stand were very high. Note the beautiful wood ceiling in the auditorium.

Throughout the show, vignettes of antique and vintage sewing items filled corners and nooks.

The pineapple crochet table cloth is a beautiful contrast to the dark black hand crank sewing machine.

The turquoise rocker displays vintage sewing supplies.

A painted bucket on the floor was filled with quilt magazines.

Mary Gunness
The label says pattern: Connie Kaufman but I was unable to find it.
This quilt was a nice use of plaids.  I also liked the lights and darks.
These are quilt shop fabrics, not cut up shirts.

I liked the small floral clips that held the show tags on the quilts.  No pins!

Pat Taylor Thwaits
This tumbling blocks quilt utilized more than 100 prints.
Large and colorful it was very striking.
She took two years to make the quilt and is giving it
to a grand daughter.

Detail Photo of Tumbling Blocks

Janna Laumann
Quilt: Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman
This quilt was made as a gift for her grandson.
There were a few variations of this quilt.

This was a fun hexagon quilt.
Kathleen Winters made this quilt over 5 1/2 years.
Hand pieced on road trips visiting national parks.
Quilted by Jan Smith
I particularly loved the piped stripe border.

Another display at the show

Jocelyn Joyce-Anderson is an avid birder
as well as quilter.
This small quilt was so pretty.

The Mariners Compass quilt is an original design
hand quilted by Jean Carlton.
She used wool batting and pieced the back.
See the corner detail below.

Corner Detail - Hand Embroidered
Jean Carlton - Original Quilt

Another vintage display at the show

Variation of "Pennies from Heaven" 
Wool on Cotton
Joan Gale 
Hand Applique & Beading
Machine Quilted
Details from Joan's quilt

These are just a few of the beautiful quilts in the show.  There were many beautiful quilts, all winners.
I hope you enjoyed the little bit I shared here.
Have a great week!


  1. I usually attend this show as my cousin is a member--can't believe I missed it! Looks like there were some wonderful quilts (as always!).

  2. Thank you for your virtual tour of the show--what gorgeous pieces! Very inspiring hugs, Julierose ;)))

  3. It's always inspiring to see a quilt show in person or through photos. The Pine Burr pattern continues to be a favorite of mine. Loved this variation. Thanks for taking the time to share, Dawn.

  4. Oooh, aaaaahhh, prettttty! I love them all. What fun.

  5. O my! So much inspiration all together.... I see a few quilts I would just LOVE to make!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. The tumbling block quilt is my favorite of what you have shared from the show.

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos of the beautiful quilts on display with us! The first one is my favourite, I think, and I love the handquilting!

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts. I especially loved seeing the suitcases and feedsacks! Very sweet.

  9. Thank you Dawn for taking us along on your Show addition to the stunning quilts, it looks like the organizers took time to arrange many sweet details - all those little settings just add to the atmosphere and beg for closer inspection!

  10. Looks like a wonderful quilt show! Beautiful quilts and everything!

  11. It must have been a difficult decision. Such a high quality on display. Thanks for the opportunity to see them.

  12. Wow that's a gorgeous Pine Burr! The border looks beautifully handquilted as well. I like her other quilt as well. Thanks for sharing these :0)

  13. Some lovely quilts here, looks like a great show, bet you had a nice time there.

  14. These are all beautiful and thank you for sharing. That Pine Burr quilt is just stunning with the beautiful bold color scheme!!

  15. lovely photos...looks like an awesome show


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