Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Finish One Start One

1/2" per side hexagons
I started playing with a new project this week.

This is Barnsley fabric (panel and stripe) from the Netherlands.  It is available from Den Haan Wagenmakers
HERE and Marys Quilt Shop HERE, but I think you have to call the shop.

The florets I pulled from my stash of finished ones I display in my coffee table. Nothing is sewn yet. The white of the design wall will be replaced with a subtle print. I am undecided about framing the panel.

I don't want it "over done" - I'm going for an antique look.

Fun to play with - will see where it takes me!

I shared this photo on Facebook and forgot to share it here.
A friend and craftsman made these display tables for me. They have a pull out drawer about 4" deep. This is a photo looking straight down on the beveled glass top.
Rather than keep my finished florets hidden away - I can enjoy them everyday.
There are a few of Mr. Collectors antique rulers in the drawers, all enhanced by a 36" doily underneath.
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All Hand Sewn

I am pleased to say I finished a big project.
By finished I also mean complete with labels, and hanging sleeve.

Some of you can guess from the photo what quilt I mean.  Until May, it must remain unseen online.
For now I have it hanging where my holiday guests can enjoy it!

Mary Wigwam 1790 Ackworth School Reproduction

I was thrilled to add a sampler to my collection.
This reproduction Ackworth School sampler was stitched by Patricia Boyle (Beford Quilter) on 32 count linen.  
More information on the sampler and chart is found HERE.
I framed it by lacing the linen to an acid free mounting board. No adhesives. The glass has a UV coating.  The frame is a beautiful burl walnut I had made from a specialty company in upstate NY.  They have wonderful hard to find wood molding options.

This is the guest room where the sampler hangs.

Not as antique themed as the other rooms.

I like the colors in the sampler with the colors on the Palampore styled duvet cover.

There is also a chair in this room, so I could sit and stitch in here if I want to enjoy the sampler.

Always making time to stitch, heading into this busy time of the year.


  1. Your Botanical quilt looks beautiful, love all those tiny stitches, hopefully I will get to see it in person this summer at the museum!!

  2. Yeah you finished your big project!! There are a lot of stitches in it! It looks gorgeous in just a snippet - the full quilt must be breathtaking. I look forward to seeing it when you can share it. Such a cool way of displaying your hexie flowers :0)

  3. What a tease you are - May is so far off! In the meantime, know you will totally be on a cloud that your Botanical Quilt is officially finished...Your guest room looks so calm and soft. probably don’t remember our own display table in our great room - it is filled with my F-I-L’s WW2 collection. Maybe I should change things out for a while and add some of my vintage sewing implements?? Your table looks lovely!

  4. I love where you are going with the panel, stripe and florets.
    You are teasing us so!
    Thanks for sharing how you framed the sampler. It looks perfect there in your guestroom.

  5. You have a great eye for the antique look. This is really a great way to use the panel, stripe and flowers.
    What fun tables, with the display drawers.
    Wonderful quilting in our sneak peek. Can't wait to see the whole thing!
    Lovely, soothing guest room.

  6. Love the fact that you can share your florets via the beveled glass top. What a cool idea! You've got one talented friend who is then able to "frame" you own talents. A Win-Win.

  7. By only seeing just a part of your finished SVBA-quilt, I can tell he is amazing! Those neat, tiny stitches, and echo-quilting is perfect for this quilt. I also love the colors in your guestroom. They are calm, serene and crisp, and the beautiful sampler blends in wonderful. Grear idea, a table with a glass top!
    Hope you can do some quiet stitching in the busy holiday-month ahead.

  8. Dawn Felicidades!! es un precioso trabajo

  9. I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. Your hexies and border fabric look terrific together. The peek of your secret quilt is awesome with all that handquilting showing up. Lovely!

  10. That looks like a great design on your design wall. It is really nice to see, I bought the same panel from Petra and have a totally different plan for it, although with all the other projects I don't know yet when I will get around to doing something about it. Beautiful stitches on your big finish, can't wait to see the whole quilt in May when you are able to show it. Love the tables, great idea! And that cross stitch sampler is beautiful and looks just right in that pretty room. Lovely blogpost, enjoy your weekend!

  11. I love the quilt (that's not sewn together yet), and the florets in your display table too! Very smart use of that table!! Love the sampler too -- I was very into Quakers for a while there. As for the finished quilt -- ooohhh so pretty!!! Even just the snippet! I found you on instagram and was very happy about it. :D

  12. It "Dawned on Me " yes pun intended :) to come over and visit the blog after seeing the lovely deer in the yard and other ones on FB :)

    Happy New Year to you and yours :) I have enjoyed seeing what you are working on, etc. here


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