Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Projects From Stitching Friends

Ferns and Berries - Florence Block 1
Checking in with my stitching friends!
Wishing you all the best, thinking of you.

A couple stitching friends sent me photos of their current work and gave me permission to share with you.

Florence shared her Ferns and Berries project.  She's using a small reproduction indigo print with red berries and reverse applique.

For the berry stems, she's using an embroidered chain stitch.

Antique Quilt from our collection

This is our original - from our pattern cover.

The antique quilt is very heavily hand quilted with detailed motifs.

The original had embroidered stems that connect the berries to the foliage.

Florence shared her berries in process.

There is no one best way to do berries.

She is enjoying the berries - and the project!

Just like that... she has a pile of berries ready to applique.

I often find repetition relaxing for a portion of my day.  The Mary Witherwax quilt had many berries.  Doing a few each day, broke it down and before I knew it - they were done!

Ferns and Berries In Process

This is the block before the vase, berries and stems.

It's pretty as is - but completed - it's a stunning block.

Looking forward to seeing the next block!

Blackbird Designs

My friend D is a quilter and does embroidery.

She's enjoying a lot or red these days!

I've shared her work here before, so I think your will like
seeing what she's up to this month.

Part of D's Stitching Stash

More from her stitching stash
I don't have to worry about D running out of things to do.  She's a prolific and talented stitcher.

WIP - Close to a finish
Ready for framing
I bought this chart and antique ivory linen
This sampler is so sweet - Check the name - then the sampler motifs!
Little Red Chair Sampler

And - there's more!  I told you she's a prolific stitcher!
Will Update with Chart Source

Will update with chart source
Thanks to D & Florence for sharing their work!
I've been busy too!  How about you?
In my next post I'll show you several of my projects...The apron challenge, some embroidery and more.

Stay Home and Keep Stitching!!
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Pattern:  Ferns & Berries HERE

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  1. The fern block fFlorence did is very eye appealing. Is she making repeat blocks for the quilt, using different fabrics?
    Love all the cross stitch. I used to do cross stitch and have been trying to ignore the pull towards taking it back up. Gets in the way of my quilting projects of which I have many, many waiting.

  2. The Ferns and Berries blocks are incredible! I am in awe of those of you who do such work.
    I really love vintage samplers and new samplers that appear vintage. Some very nice ones here.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh that stitching is incredible! Makes me wistful of the days I still had the eyesight, finger dexterity, and the patience to do those crafts. Just beautiful.

  5. Florence's block is stunning. I too love berries. could applique them all day long. I must admit I have enjoyed my extra stitching time. Stay safe and healthy my friend!


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