Sunday, August 2, 2020

Interview on You Tube

When I first announced my book - I said I would eventually do a post about what the process was like!
This interview is the start of that process.

Gary Parr of Fiber Talk invited me to his show for an interview.
He asked many questions about me, my stitching, collections and the book.

You can listen to the audio, or listen to the audio with a slide show of photos NOT from the book but related.  Floss Tube is a channel (free) on You Tube with all kinds of stitching related content - Fiber Talk is one of the best.

From the Fiber Talk website - you also have access to three years of content!
I subscribe (free) to both the podcast and YOuTube/FlossTube video channel.  
I usually play the programs while I stitch.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

If you have questions - let me know.
Happy Stitching,

Link to signed copies of my book:


  1. Oh I can't wait to see this! I'll set aside some time tonight to watch. I am going up to Cyndi's on Friday afternoon to see if I can get more of the background fabric I need for my Fig Leaf and flowers. It is a Three Sisters fabric in a light buttery yellow with a lovely quiet floral design. I just may come back with something entirely different!

  2. If I had that fabric I’d share. I can only imagine the temptation at Cyndi’s!

  3. such a precious tiny basket to hold a thimble!


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