Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Wood Spool Construction


JP Coats Trade Card 
You can read more about American Wood Thread 
Spools in my book - Chapter 1

My collecting friend Jeananne uses this spool built thread 
plant stand to display a few of her antique quilts

View of Jeananne's stand empty
Note the style of the spools - and they all match

My Spool doll bed - a mix of spool styles
The bedd is original.
I love all the detail in the sheets and pillow cases

Box style foot stool embellished with wood 
spools that were cut in half
A variety of spool styles
Needlepoint top is tacked in place

End view of the spool arrangement

My friend Jeananne's spool Stool
(Yes she also collects coverlets)

Closer view
The top is tacked on - woven wool

One of my corner units made of spools
Original green paint

Another box stool with spools cut in half
The is a side view

Another Side View

Octagonal Needlepoint Top
Carry ring is very clever!

One of my sewing boxes (shown in detail in my book)
Sitting on a small 'riser' with legs made of spools

Riser without the box
8 spools make the legs - pine board top

I would love to hear about any of your wood spool pieces.
I have emptied many spools of thread during the past pandemic year.
They are currently Velma play things - but I just might 
have to try some construction!

I have been busy giving Zoom programs.
Texas, Ohio, Minnesota and Illinois.
Later in the summer Maine!
I'm also scheduling individual groups.
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  1. Oh how marvelous! The only thing I have seen in real life is growing up, seemed like quite a few folks used them as cabinet door pulls :-) I've not seen that for many years. Thanks for that memory.

  2. I want one of those spool carts your friend has! What a unique item.

  3. I don't know if I have ever seen anything like these pieces. Love the creativity. Makes me wonder if I have enough wooden spools to make something useful.

  4. What fun! I love all these spool pieces. Alas, I have many bags full of wooden spools, but nothing made with them. Maybe there is a project somewhere in my future.

  5. I am amazed at the creativity with wooden thread spools! How are times have changed from that time in the world. Hugs

    1. Very creative, and making practical use of them!

  6. Wow! that is a lot of creativity with spools! awsome projects!

  7. I have a VERY LARGE caning jar mostly filled with wooden thread spools, some still with thread on them and a jar kit for a lamp and shade on top. I love the different sizes of spools and colors of thread in there.


Thanks for your comments!