Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowflake Quilt and Alaskan Pin Cushion

I had the good fortune to take a 3 day workshop with Paula Nadelstern a few years ago.  It was glorious absorption in the use of prints, fussy cutting and piecing.
I know... it's a UFO, but one I intend to finish, so let's ignore the UFO part..
The class instructions said to bring LOTS of fabrics.  So I filled my tote and was feeling a little embarrassed about how much I had...until I got to class.
I had THE LEAST amount of fabrics of the entire class.  Students brought in roller suitcases filled with fabric.

Guess who went shopping at lunch?

The inside cover of my book is signed by Paula.

Dear Dawn,
When it comes to fabric,
more is MORE!
Paula Nadelstern

Thank You, Paula - I give my self permission for a large stash!
I've also have a nice stash collection of silks now...

Snowflakes & Quilts
ISBN 1-57120-155-6
Paula Nadelstern

Were you wondering what kind of sewing tool I could come up with for snow?

This is an Alaskan blanket toss pin cushion.  The bottom is labeled Palmer Alaska.

A lookout was tossed by the group into the air from the blanket to look ahead for hunting opportunities.

The bodies are so cute.

Plush pieces of wool for the arms, legs and bodies.

The background snowflake block shows the fussy cut butterflies, trees and yes some reproduction fabrics that make each snowflake unique.

Fuzzy Parka

The most frequent question we are asked (having moved from MN to CA)
 "Do you miss the snow?"

Answer:  We can always find it if we need it ;-)

With this sweet pin cushion face and a smile - 

Happy Holidays!
(With or without a snowflake or two)

Paula's Web Site HERE
In class we also studied Wilson A. Bentley See more information on 'Snowflake Bentley' HERE
Alaskan Blanket Toss Pin Cushions HERE


  1. Dawn, those snowflakes are stunning! I've never seen anything like them. I am interested to see how you will put that quilt together.
    And that pincushion is TOO CUTE! Love it. : )

  2. I took a class from Paula Nadelstern also. Quite a few years ago. We got to a local barbecue restaurant quite often. The manager looks like a younger version of Paula. I printed out Paula's picture from the internet and took it to show to the manager. I think it is the hair style more than anything. Just an interesting tidbit.

  3. That class must have been AWESOME! You certainly learned the technique from the best. The pincushion story made me laugh - what a way to see what's up ahead!

  4. Lucky you to take a class from Paula Nadelstern! Great quilt and the pincushion is so cool too. Lucky lucky lucky!

  5. I am glad this is a must-finish (MF) quilt. It is glorious, and it has such provenance already. The pincushion is also an amazing piece of detailed work. What a quirky piece!

  6. I've never seen anything like before - the Alaskan blanket toss - pincushion, how awfully cute LOL!!! Before I started reading I just couln't make out what on earth LOL!!!!! Now it makes sense, I guess you had to be there huh!!!! From an Australian eye it did look a bit weird LOL!!!
    Love the snowlfake blocks too, awesome designs!!!!

  7. Love the snow flakes and pin cushion. Very nice blog!!!!!

  8. Ok, I can't figure this out!! I try to post to you blog but it says my profile is wrong. I love the snow flakes!!

  9. I always (ALWAYS) wanted a white Christmas. Felt like I was missing out on something. Now I don't see what all the fuss is about - and Big Bear is just right up the road *s* I was so happy to put on my 'winter gear' the other day - long pants, flip flops and a scarf that looked cute with my outfit.


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