Monday, January 23, 2012

Thistlewood Part Two the Scrimshaw

Jackie's finished Thistlewood
I first told you about Thistlewood last year.  There's a link to part 1 below.

It is a lovely needle case, I am in the final phase completing the accessories.

Pieces by artist Marcy Pumphret

The scrimshaw and Carry All materials arrived today.

The scrimshaw pieces are made from recycled antique Ivory piano keys.  The keys were manufactured in Ivoryton Connecticut from the 1800's through the 1950's.  A yellower color key may indicate greater age or a keyboard left closed most of the time.

The pieces are quite thin (1/16th of an inch) - with a translucent grain, similar to wood.

You can see the scale by the inch lines on the ruler.

Top of the Thread Winder

The detail in the etching is amazing.

The 'M' is for Marcy Pumphret the artist who created the pieces specifically for this project.

The green silk in the background will become the carry all.

The tiny button will be added to the front.
Maybe the date should have been 2012, since technically it wasn't FULLY finished in 2011...

All the cross stitch and major assembly were complete...

Ruler and bodkin in their new home

The bodkin and ruler just needed to be slid into their new home below the thimble in the pin cushion.

The glass headed pins were included in the set.  The thimble is mine.

The pin keep is one of my favorite parts of the set.

Pin Keep insert and accessories for Thistlewood Necessaire

The other side of the pin cushion is home to the thread winder.

The green silk background matches the green silk for the carry all.

I'm not sure I will tackle the carry all this week.

Thistlewood Carry All Kit Package Front
Also included this week was the kit to make the silk carry all.

The attention to detail is amazing.  Jackie even include the silk for the thistle flower draw string, silver thistle charm for the scissor fob and the thread wax components.

Sigh.....which to select next??

I'd love to make all of her pieces!!

Thanks for dropping in - Have a great week!

Oh...before I forget - ORT reprot for January New Moon:

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Fine-ally Finished Jackie de Plessis HERE
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  1. What a beautiful little piece. I love the ivory tools. Excellent work, Dawn!

  2. How gorgeous is that pin cushion and needle case! I love the tinyness of it all. Don't worry about 2011. I won't tell if you won't.

  3. Your Thistlewood is so pretty! That's so interesting about the ivory from Ivoryton, CT I had no idea! Marcy Pumphret is so talented! I think she's slowed down a lot in her scrimshaw -- there's such a high demand for her work in the needlework world!

  4. Beautiful items and well presented. I have never seen anything like this. You do a lot of research for what you collect.

  5. That is amazing. You have found a wonderful artist that fits perfectly with your vision!!

  6. Beautiful! (I'm fighting a dog who keeps pushing in the keyboard tray as I attempt to type.) I love the whole project.

  7. Dawn, so glad to hear that the Scrimshaw finally arrived. It is indeed beautiful. I love the entire project. You did a great job.

  8. Wow, this set is gorgeous. You are sure to enjoy it.

  9. what a beautiful set with every single detail being breathtaking in own special way~!!~wow~!!~


  10. What a wonderful little kit!! It is just beautiful!!

  11. What a gorgeous little kit!!! Love the idea of recycling ivory piano keys, they add such a lovely antique touch to the overall look!!!
    Beautiful work!!!!

  12. Wow! Such fine detail on a little item. I'm not sure I could work so small. Beautiful!

  13. Your Thistlewood looks wonderful!!! The scrimshaw are really beautiful too! Can't wait to receive mine. I have finished two projects in 2012 and Thistelwood is next on my list, so it shouldn't be too long now ;-)

  14. Oh wow! I love the thistle. I'm going to have to share this post with a friend who will get a kick out of thistles.
    Great job on the orts.


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