Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Blocks New Projects

Jointed mohair bear I made in 1989
This is my new repro doll cradle.

After some TLC it's ready for bedding.

I'm auditioning the ticking - I like the aged look without the work of 'aging' it myself.  Of course I will need a pillow case and sheet.

The little quilt is one I made of vintage blocks I hand quilted.  Maybe too big for this cradle.

The rug is Amish woven from old jeans.

Small Quilt - Hand Quilted

I was lucky to get these old blocks from Karen (Log Cabin) Quilter) last year.

I LOVE the prints and machine stitched the 6 blocks together - I found a great mourning print reproduction for the binding.

To make the 6" blocks:

- Each block is 4 dark and 4 light flying geese units.
- The units finish at 1.5" x 3"
- Keep it scrappy - not all the pieces have to match but they can if you want!

I saw this set at an antique shop, fun to see a complete set!  Not so wonderful....the $1,200 price.

The detail is fabulous...mattress, sheets, pillow in case, blanket and a quilt!

Maybe there is some sentiment in the price.

It's small - maybe 8" x 18"
Nice size for collectors with small spaces

Darner with tension hoop, vintage pin cushion

I've been looking through lots of old blocks for ideas - these are asking for some black setting squares with red sashing...a nice break from larger projects.

I'm even considering taking some of my old blocks apart and using the fabrics in other blocks...still in the thinking stage...

Do you have any vintage blocks?
Where did you get them?

Have a great week!


  1. Love that quilt! I think it looks great in the cradle too! That set you saw -- very nice, but very very expensive! Whoa! I had a set of vintage blocks. I wonder where I put them. lol! That's my problem now. Since I lost the use of my armoire (which used to hold all my quilting fabric etc), I don't know where anything is anymore. Sigh.

  2. Your new little doll cradle is a good addition to your collection. The one you didn't purchase says something about a straw mattress. Are you going to make one of those? The price is way more than I would consider unless I won a gigantic lottery (and I seldom purchase a ticket for those).

    I see you have put some of those vintage quilt blocks to use. I am so glad the blocks ended up with you.

  3. Love the little doll beds. I have inherited from a great-aunt four quilt tops made in the 1930s or 40s and about 20 Dresden plates (not basted to the blocks yet). I need to pull them out again to remind myself what they all look like.

  4. I have some vintage blocks. Some were bought through Ebay and others were picked up from dealers at quilt shows. I like to see them in dealers' booths and will buy them for the fabrics and also when I like the particular block design. House blocks are a favorite of mine. I've always wanted and red and green antique house quilt but have had to settle for a single block. I also like seeing the construction. Sometimes it's perfect and other times they make me feel pretty good about my own piecing.

    I like that rug made from old jeans.

  5. You always have the absolutely neatest things!!! Love seeing them!!!! Of course I have vintage blocks!! Got some off of ebay and some from antique/trade shows. Always love finding them!!

    Have a great day!!

  6. What wonderful collectibles you have! That quilt you made from the blocks Kathie gave you is a little beauty!
    I have some vintage blocks--most of which I have made into tops--purchased on ebay, or in thrift stores.

  7. What a gorgeous little doll quilt!!! The doll bed is darling! I should spruce mine up a bit and make a proper mattress & pillow too, you have given me a bit of inspiration there!!! I have only ever had 4 vintage blocks of the hexie variety and they were given to me by a bloggy friend! I washed them, and appliqued them onto a small quilt top, I have it hanging on my design wall where I can see it every day, still can't decided how to quilt it! It hasn't spoken to me yet, so I wait for instructions......LOL!!!

  8. Took a closer look at that $1200 cradle! Initially I thought the "bed" was a metal bread pan (which would be a novel and crafty idea!).

  9. Love what you did with those vintage blocks. Would you call them whirligigs?
    I don't have any vintage blocks. Been tempted a few times. I do have some fabrics from the 20's and 30's, but haven't figured out what to do with them yet.

  10. I started collecting old blocks as a fabric/quilt study. I use them when I give talks on antique quilts or quilt collecting. A box of blocks will expose them to a much wider variety of fabrics and styles than a few quilts...though I usually bring 18-20 of those too!

  11. How magical and that rug is just unimaginable. I adore your vintage blocks, too and what a nice setting with the pincushion and darner. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing and by the way, I'm don't think I have any vintage blocks although I was left almost everything when my mentor passed away. I just haven't been able to work thru it all to really know. Probably though - I don't. I think something like that would have caught my eye. ;)

  12. I think the first quilt I made is about to qualify as vintage! I have two antique family quilts that actually are vintage but no blocks. I LOVE the cradle. I have a reproduction cradle that I think I'd better 'age' - yours looks much better. The quilt and all the squares are wonderful. I wish we lived close enough so I could see your collection in person.

  13. Hi Dawn, just wanted to tell you I got my whig rose applique pattern in the mail. I just love it. Drawn to size-so my lazy side is doing the happy dance!! It has so many ways to be finished. I like to drop by and see what gorgeous things you are showing on your blog--I really wanted the set of sled bed and matching cupboard with the tiny quilts & items that you showed previously. The little drawers that opened, and the slanted shoe rack. There was so much detail. You are lucky to have gotten them handmade for your special doll. What fun.

  14. how in the world did i ever miss this post~!!?????!!~ i thought i was your number one stalker. LOL

    love your cradle and can tell you first hand that making the sheets, pillowcases, etc is SO much fun~!!~ the little quilt that you made and displayed in it is wonderful and suits it perfectly.

    i do have vintage/antique blocks/fabrics that i have collected over time. i acquired them from a variety of places such as ebay, antique and thrift stores, friends sharing, some from my mother's saved scraps. etc. the collection has grown quite large partly due to my thinking and rethinking what should be done with them . . . i always want to honor the maker(s) in the best way that i can.

    as i think about this i probably have some fabrics/blocks that i sewed up or collected years ago that would be considered vintage now . . . sheeeesh, that's not good~i must be getting old~!~



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