Friday, February 3, 2012

Feathered Tulip in Vases Applique Quilt

76" x 84" (a little full around the edges)
It was love at first sight...this quilt could never be a cutter!

It was described as a "cutter that would be a good design".  So glad it didn't become a cutter and I'm pleased to give it a home.

Three borders - I can imagine the beautiful pillowcases at the head of the bed.  Why bother with a fourth border?

It is appliqued in mainly solids fabrics.
The green is a pin dot.

It is completely done by hand.
The seller said it came from an estate in Indiana.

It is beautifully hand quilted with feathers and tulips filled with cross hatching.

I was able to show it to many quilters over the past few months and got lots of great feedback.
We worked with a couple of pallets.  The first was a vibrant colorful collection of solids simulating what it might have looked like when it was first created.
The second, a soft faded colors it is now - with subtle prints.

Before I show you mine - would you reproduce it in original colors or the softer faded shades?

Pattern available in our Etsy Shop

We have patterned this quilt to share it with you.

The applique pattern is full sized - no taping or aligning registration pieces.    The setting blocks and border are included.  You could easily add a fourth border.
It is also your choice to center the borders or reproduce it as shown on the original.

The full sized pattern includes the original quilting lines for use in machine or hand quilting.  The quilt is cross hatched between the feather and tulips quilting motifs.

Our patterns are currently in our Etsy Store HERE

So...would you make vibrant original colors?  Softer aged colors?  Centered borders?
Your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

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See the 24" block size in wool HERE


  1. Whoa! This is gorgeous! Thank goodness it didn't become a cutter quilt! Ok, two patterns now I need to buy someday when I'm not not spending money. lol! As for colors, personally, I would go a bit more vibrant than what the quilt has faded to, but not totally wow vibrant, if you know what I mean. :D But that's just me.

    I'm drooling.....

  2. It looks like she tried to be symmetrical and then said the heck with it midway. This is a great quilt. I think I would do it in the aged colors. I like the off centered borders.

  3. When I saw it I was so blown away. I have a couple of different ideas for how I would make it; perhaps a charcoal background with the brighter original colours; or a light background with the softer pallette. I am dying to see what you did with it. Just gorgeous!

  4. I love this design. I don't do applique, but I certainly appreciate it! I would make the colors that achieve my desired result. Do you want it to look vintage and aged, or do you want to make a bright new quilt? I like Liz's idea of the charcoal background with bright colors, too.
    Gorgeous either way!!

  5. Omg this is beautiful. I would love to make it with just the three borders and very similar colors.
    Congrats another beautiful design

  6. I think "just like it is" would be my first pick. But I'm so "symmetrical" I would probably "struggle" with the off center. But what a priceless heirloom!! You are making it very difficult for me to not start any new projects!!!! Absolutely love this!!!!!

  7. Just went to your etsy shop and it is gone!! Do you have more? I sure want this one!!!

  8. I think softer colors that look a bit faded. But then, I would have to go with what is available in my stash.

  9. So beautiful. It is great that you saved it from who know what end!

  10. So glad this wonderful quilt came to live with you instead of meeting it's demise! I can't imagine cutting it up. I think I like the soft, faded colorway.

  11. Thank you so much!! I just added more inventory to the Etsy store ;-)

  12. Yeah!! Got it ordered - I am so excited!! This one will be a treasure for sure!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  13. The so called "cutter" quilt pattern is gorgeous. So glad you rescued it and made it into a pattern so that it won't be forgotten.

  14. It is such a gorgeous quilt, I only wish I had good applique skills! If I were to make it, I would try and use the original colours, like this one it too would fade gently with time! As for the borders, I probably would try and centre them, more or less, but then again I'm a bit obsessive LOL! I would stick to just the three sides!!!

  15. I'd make it in muted colors if you could FIND them.I would also make it just as it is- quirks and all.

  16. I think I'd try and make it in fabrics similar to what was used originally...compared to the current quilt they may look bright!

  17. Beautiful quilt pattern. I'd like to see a picture of both colourways as I tend to like stronger colours.

  18. Dawn, where have I been. I am in awe that you are drafting these stunning antique quilts into patterns. This is my favorite, love the fact that it's not perfect. A cutter, what were they thinking.

    Nancy in MT

  19. Fabulous! I'll definitely order one if I have any money left after my vacation. Thanks for drafting this one. I always laugh at those "cutter" quilts with 50 watchers. You'd think that would be a dead give-away. ;)

  20. Wow, it is beautiful! Now if only I liked applique more....

  21. I really like this quilt. Where do you find all these wonderful things? It looks quite wide for the length - does it fit a modern bed? I've done so many reproduction quilts in the original brights lately that I think I'd do this in the faded colors. It looks so sweet this way. Can we see a close up of any of the quilting? Please?

  22. If I were to reproduce this beautiful quilt, it would be in the original colors and as close to the original quilt as possible. It is a real beauty!!

  23. it's good that you got this quilt and are making it possible for others to recreate it. there will be varying interpretations and that is good too~!

    i think if i were to make it i would probably choose the 'faded' color pallette but really would need to see the fabrics before deciding for sure.
    i think i would make it with all four borders and i'm not really sure whether i would balance them or not . . . chances are pretty good that i might try and fail so it would all workk out to be my own kind of wonky when finished. LOL


  24. I think I would prefer muted colours.

    For me, I would have to make symmetrical borders, not having them centred would bug me! Lol I would also make a fourth border.


Thanks for your comments!