Friday, February 10, 2012

Feathered Tulip in Vases The Quilting

A quilt isn't complete without the quilting (although counterpanes are looking like they have a future at this house).

Our patterns include the quilting lines, if your or your quilting service want to duplicate the original you can...even the quirky places where a little improvisation took place.

If you have a beautiful run of feathers going and you bump into the applique - ignore it.  Not sure what a judge would say by today's standards...I like it.

I was asked to show pictures of the quilting in Feathered Tulip in Vases.

This quilt was done entirely by hand - every stitch even the seams.

Because fabric widths were narrower years ago, some large blocks in applique quilts were pieced.

This is a needle to give you an idea of how fine the stitches are.

In this photo the cross hatching meets a feather motif.

I think the white on white is beautiful!

There is so much color in the applique the quilting becomes secondary without close examination.

Would you need the quilting perfectly aligned - or do you enjoy a little improvisation now and again?
I hope you are doing a little quilting this weekend!


  1. The quilting is such an important feature for me. It is what first appealed to me when I saw quilts. I love this quilt more and more with every little bit you show.

  2. Incredible quilting. We rush from project to project these days. Is it because the media makes it so easy to see everything that is "out there" and we want to do it all? I wonder.

  3. I love it! Hand quilting is a joy to see!

  4. Definitely, improvisation. That way mistakes look planned. This quilt is just awesome. I think it's wonderful that you're duplicating antiques into patterns so we have them around for many many years!!!

  5. OH I do LOVE Hand quilting!!! Such love in every stitch!!! I've been toying with doing some machine quilting, just so I can make more!! But nothing beats the real thing!!


  6. I like the improvisation. I know what you mean about the quilting becoming secondary in a strong applique quilt. But it is usually the quilting that sells me on any quilt. Once I see great quilting it is hard to pass it up.

  7. Thankyou for sharing close-up photos of the hand quilting, it is exquisite work, I love seeing the fine intricacies of these quilts, therein lies its magic!!!

  8. I generally do have to improvise - must not have enough foresight!

  9. My never to be humble opinion is we spend FAR too much time worrying over today's judging standards and not enough just enjoying the process of making our quilts. I love, Love, LOVE the little idiosyncracies found in vintage quilts - design decisions? make-do necessities? well thought out tease for future generations?

  10. wonderful~!!~love seeing what i consider to be the actual 'soul' of a quilt~!
    an especially beautiful and embued (with love and thought and care) soul when done by hand. a large part of that beauty is the individuality of the stitches themselves and the sometimes improvised quilting pattern(s) as a whole.
    thank you for sharing this part of your antique quilt.


    p.s. i AM enjoying some hand quilting this weekend. my pink lemonade is coming along nicely.

  11. Sounds like you've done a great job with these patterns. Looking at old quilts has freed me from trying to be perfect in my quilting. Why did I ever think that was even possible?


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