Friday, July 20, 2012

Carolyn Miller Collection Part 2

And the beauty continues....

Still the Collection of Carolyn Miller.

Photos taken with permission at The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

Where I could, I've included details from the labels at the exhibit.

Close up of block in the botanical sampler

Crossed Tulips 91" x 91" c. 1870
"The quilt has flying geese sashing.  The backing is pieced bars design with
 blue border fabric alternating with
a black, white and pink print.
The border fabric is turned to the back for binding .
Quilting lines, marked in pencil still remain."

Feathered Star
Feathered Star detail

Note the urns in the corners
Outer border motifs along binding edge

Double Nine Patch (Postage Stamp size) Mennonite
80" x 80"  c.1880
"Two alternating blocks.  One has the small nine-patches in the X position
the other has them in the O spaces.
Brown print backing was turned to the front for binding"

Nine Patch close up

Princess Feather Circle  78" x 78"  c. 1860
Lebanon County PA
"The maker must have made one princess feather and declared "No More!"
There is an oval stamp on the tan border that is printed on the back of the fabric.
It can be read with a mirror "Bleached and finished for Hill Manfg Co Lewiston ME" 
There's more...but I'll save those for another post.
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  1. Wonderful quilts and I really like the crossed tulips, would make a nice quilt for my bed. I probably have a pattern for that, but seeing it like this shows it in a different way.


  2. Gorgeous quilts. Crossed tulips and Double 9-patch really jumped out at me. Not sure why--maybe it is the colors.

  3. Ok, I'm drooling. Just marvelous.

  4. Such beautiful, amazing quilts. I would love to see these in person - but thanks for sharing the next-best-thing!

  5. The applique is gorgeous, but I'm in love with that Double 9 patch! So fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What fun you have given us with all your great pictures...thanks!!


  7. Do any of the quilts tempt you to make a reproduction? Some beautiful quilts.

  8. No way to choose a favorite among this group! Thanks for the links - should keep me busy for a while! ; c )

  9. Oh, my, I really love these - especially the nine patch with all that luscious double pink!

  10. Really enjoyed seeing these beauties too, love the Feathered Star quilt!!!!

  11. Thanks for the pictures - all so beautiful. I particularly like the first applique - deceptively unstructured, love it!

  12. I love the first quilt!...and the feathered star!! I really want to try making a feathered star block soon.

    Thank you for the links.

  13. Every quilt here is a beauty, but I seem to be especially drawn to the ones that I'd consider making for myself. That would be the double 9-patch. I had to look at the date again--the color palette looks so modern. It also reminds me of the "Ohmigosh" quilt I see here and there.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties with us.


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