Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pairing Up, Work Bag and NEW Fabrics

One of many good times in Charleston included showing Calico Paradise together with the antique quilt.

Here they are after their public debut folded side-by-side in the hotel lobby.

They both have a purple printed stripe backing.  The reproduction is hand quilted, our pattern includes all of the hand quilting lines to quilt it just as the original.

Read more about the quilts HERE and HERE.

Of course we are working on more historically accurate patterns...more on that in another post.

Another event at the AQSG Seminar is the silent auction.

One of my donations this year was a work bag made in the Mill Book AQSG fabric line from Moda.

I based the bag on a vintage one in my collection.

The bag 'plumps' up as you fill it with your projects.

It includes a little clam shell case for small treasures like a thimble.  I've been making a few of these.

There is also a shell thread ring.

The new AQSG Fabric line is called CIRCA 1825, by In The Beginning Fabrics.

You can get the free to use patterns and fabric line details HERE.

Ask your local quilt shop to be sure and order it.

I had someone ask me recently how much free stuff I get blogging, and the answer is ZERO.  I have a small blog, write for myself and what I personally like.

No free products come here!

The benefit for me has been connecting with friends.


Many great prints in the line.
LOVE the detail in these.

A portion of the sales for this line go to the American Quilt Study Group.
We saw the samples at seminar.

Have a great week!

We are enjoying quiet evenings by the fire.


Libby said...

Yeah for making blog friends. Fabrics and books are everywhere, but a good friend is a treasure!

Margaret said...

I do so love that quilt -- so cool to see them side by side like that! Ok, I didn't need enabling. Love that fabric line too. Sigh.

Sue said...

Love the little bag Dawn. Well that's a laugh to think you get freebies out of blogging.
It's all about the love of our hobby and the friendships it has bought about.
Love those fabrics too.

Aunt 'Reen said...

I really LOVE how you paired the vintage and new quilts together in a split view! What an amazing reproduction you've created! Just stunning!

cynthia collier said...

I don't post much, Dawn...but I always enjoy you blog so much.
Love the 1825 fabric line...especially 1CE1, that first floral. Is it printed like a pillar print? I can't really tell from the small photo. Yummy!

Lady Locust said...

Your work is incredible! The quilts side by side look amazing.

Maureen said...

Neat to see the quilts side by side. Amazing work.
The vintage like bag you made is very unique. You could also pattern it.
I imagine those who make good money from blogging are few and far between. We do it to meet people like you!
I'll have to keep an eye out for that fabric.

Every Stitch said...

What a great photo of the quilts together - both so lovely! Congratulations on making such a wonderful repro. Thanks so much for introducing this fabric line - looks just my sort of thing - beautiful stripes there!

Doniene said...

And I am so very glad that you blog!!! What gift to call you friend!! LOVE those fabrics!!! So lovely!! Calico Garden is amazing next to the original!! Bravo for you!!

We've had one fire and then back in the 80s!

Have a Colorful Colorado Day/Evening!

Pat said...

Great seeing the original and your version together. You did a great job recreating it. Love the new line of fabrics and most certainly will watch for them.

Me and My Stitches said...

Let me know when those freebies start rolling in!
Can't wait to see what you are working on now - your work amazes me!
Love that cute bag - whoever took that home sure got a treasure. The fabric line looks very interesting - hope I get to see some of it in person.

Karen said...

Your sewing case is so pretty. I watched the clam shell video as I had no idea what it is. What a unique idea. Makes a nice addition for your bag.

Mary said...

I didn't realize that was two different quilts until I enlarged the picture. Great job and beautiful quilt! I love seeing all the things you post.

Lori said...

That looks like a wonderful line of fabric! I'll be looking for it for sure.
The quilts look spectacular together!!
Oh c'mon, you are making boatloads of $$ from blogging aren't you? lol

audrey said...

Great to see both quilts together! That is such a gorgeous quilt anyway--drool!

Barb said...

beautiful fabrics! love the serpentine~
your applique quilts are wonderful - great pattern.
Pretty project bag!

Dorothy said...

I think you are just teasing me with that gorgeous new fabric range. We can't get it 'til April and I'd like some now! LOL

Dawn said...

Not teasing Dorothy - Advance notice so we can get this line in many local quilt shops! Let your shop know now so they can place their orders. We don't want anyone to miss out ;-)

Janet said...

Those fabrics look marvelous!! I enjoy so much the friendships shared with blogging :0) The applique quilts are both fabulous.

Elaine said...

Love the fabrics and I especially love your workbag, is there a pattern available?