Tuesday, November 5, 2013

State Bird and State Flower Quilts

McKim Studios Lady Slipper Minnesota Block
 I don't have a state flower/bird quilt.  But I do have a couple block sets.

This is Minnesota's Lady Slipper embroidered on a light ground fabric.

Pattern source?

Clue:  The lower right corner circle with Minn

There's a new book available, "State Bird and State Flower Quilts"
Identification Guide by Rose Marie Werner

STATE BIRD AND STATE FLOWER QUILTS contains all-new information coming from research done by the author, Rose Marie Werner of Dundas, MN.  Rose Marie is an independent researcher of 20th Century quilt designs and patterns. She compares thirty seven different sets of bird and flower quilt blocks. This book also includes the history behind state birds and state flowers and information on the birds and flowers chosen by each state.

You can order a copy HERE or on Amazon.

State Flower clipping with block and extra fabric
My second set of McKim state flower blocks was stitched on a darker ground.  Included in the set are all of the newspaper clippings for the original patterns.

Makers are advised not to use a white ground fabric since so many of the flowers are white. They are also instructed to use carbon paper to transfer the design onto the fabric.

My set of McKim Studios State Flower patterns were published in the Kansas City MO Journal Post Newspaper in 1932.

Hard to find out of print reproduction fabrics

I owe a long over due thank you to JULIEROSE.   We had a little mix up with comments, readers with the same name and I think a husband was thrown into the mix!

Anyway, Julierose graciously sent me a goodie box over flowing with things I love!  Very thoughtful and I extend a heartfelt thank you!

I'm about to settle in for some long over due hand quilting.
I hope you are having a great week!


  1. Those block sets look like a lot of work went into them. Do you have plans to make a quilt any time soon from one or both of them?
    Some lovely fabrics in that photo!

  2. Can carbon paper be purchased anymore?

  3. Love the idea of a state quilt! Have fun hand sewing..

  4. Wow, that goody box looks amazing! Very interesting on the state flowers and birds. Might have to look up that book.

  5. Wow!! I've seen several state bird or flower quilts and I've always loved them!! What a fascinating book - one I'll be looking into - after I "devour" my latest book - thanks to you!!

    What scrumptious fabrics!!!

    Happy Stitching!!


  6. I used to do a lot of embroidery as a teenager. This would have been right up my alley then. You have quite a collection. What a great box of fabrics. Lucky you!

  7. That reminds me of a quilt that I have that my Grandma made - it was cross stitched birds - I need to dig that out and see if it has flowers too. Love those fabrics - any plans for them yet?

  8. Dawn, you are off to a great start on the embroidery. I also have a set of the original newspaper clippings.

    The fabrics that Julie Rose sent you is wonderful.

  9. I love the state bird/flower blocks! I have a friend who did one in all blue - stunning

  10. I just found this quilt in Mother -in-Laws cedar chest. Has 42 State blocks, with birds & flowers n them. Each state is abbreviated by two letters. NY, NV. Mass. & etc. Do you known how old this could be? Thanks Doris

    1. Doris - Please email me, I have no way to contact you. Thanks! Dawn


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