Monday, July 7, 2014

New Finish and more Grapes

Half Inch Hexagon Charm Quilt
A detail photo of my newest finish!

Hexagon Charm Quilt
1/2" Hexagons
Hand Pieced
Hand Quilted

392 Different Individual Reproduction Fabrics
22" x 28" Finished Size

Truly finished, including hanging sleeve and tag!

I enjoyed making it so much I have a second one well underway.

Charm Quilt 22" x 28
Completed Quilt

22" x 28" w Binding

Striped binding and backing.

The light rounds are also by color.
For example, all of the shirtings next to the black round are black on cream prints.

The outer corner hexagons are deep navy.  They look like purple in my photo.

I outline quilted the upper and lower edges of each hexagon.  I quilted straight lines in the pink border.
The wider final border has a tulip motif in the corner and petals running up the sides.

Because I never get enough of applique grapes - I found another variation to share.  This is a picture from an online auction.
The grapes are one piece of fabric.  Is it a clever repair?  Is the dot print covering worn purple?  Did the original maker place batting circles under the fabric in "grape cluster" position, then quilt around the "grapes"?

Regardless, very clever, and gives the look of seperate circles appliqued close together in a grape cluster.

This is the block in the quilt.  It is actually a side setting triangle.

First glance and it is a cluster of grapes.  A closer look reveals the single piece of fabric.

Have a great week!  I plan to stitch a lot of grapes this week.  How about you?


  1. Such a beautiful little hexagon quilt. Congrats on a lovely finish. Is it the only grapes block in the quilt? Because the other fabrics are fairly used and the fabric of the grapes isn't , one would think it is a cover up. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I just love your new finish! Such wonderful colors. I can totally see why you want to do another.:)

  3. Your hexagon quilt is awesome with all those different fabrics. Wow! I actually traced grapes today, does that count?

  4. You've made a beautiful little quilt! So nice, Dawn!
    Interesting approach to a grape cluster. : )

  5. Wonderful new finish and your grapes are great.

  6. Love your hexagon quilt -- it's gorgeous! I just started making some 1/2" hexies -- planning to make a hexie purse. :D Your quilt makes me want to make a mini quilt instead. lol! Interesting about those grapes. Hmmmm.

  7. I like the single piece of fabric for a bunch of grapes. Never thought of that but it does give one the impression of grapes.

  8. what tiny hexagons! Fun fabrics -
    making a single piece cluster sure would cut down the sewing time!

  9. Your tiny hexagon quilt is gorgeous!
    I like the design of that grape quilt - very interesting to see a single pieced grape cluster.

  10. Your hexies are adorable! Such gorgeous fabrics! I enjoyed seeing the grapes - interesting how there can be so many ways to make them. I love the grape leaves next to them. Looks like a fabulous and well loved quilt :0)

  11. What a sweet little quilt.
    I had never seen a single piece of fabric used for a bunch of grapes, clever.
    I still haven’t gotten my mind around the grapes in this months blocks.

  12. Oh, LOVE this little hexie quilt! I can see why you've started another. Half-inch hexies are SO small. Were you catching the seam when quilting it? What was your seam allowance?

  13. My comment seems to have here goes again...
    Wonderful little quilt finish - absolute gem! It is very special that each hexagon is a different fabric but the colours are still close to the same in each row. Can't wait to see the next...

  14. That s my kind of grapes cluster,lol. It s very inventive, whether a repair or a sort of faux cluster trapunto version.

    The tiny hexagons are amazing. I can t imagine how you work on something so small. Are they 1/2" diameter, or 1/2" per side/ face? Your tiny quilt is so beautiful.

    lizzy at gone to the beach


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