Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Catherine's May Block

The first of the month already!
Of course I posted the Catherine Gardens BOM file early, and of course many of you already found it...HERE

Here is a variation I made on April's block.
Rather than applique all of the stamens on the orange set, I used an embroidery chain stitch for the side two.  I little french knot at the top finished them off.

I am loving all of the color ways.  I have several finishing ideas - unique for each of my versions.

The dotty set got some fussy cutting.  I decided I wanted my stripe petals to all orient in, so cut each separately.  A little more work, but in this case worth it.

This 'stamen' print is also making an appearance in several leaf blocks.  I love it!

The green is an Art Gallery fabric from their Paradise Collection.

In other blocks, I took some liberties fussy cutting rather than layering up colored circles.

This oval is from one of my favorite Kaffe fabrics that has been printed in numerous color ways.  'Milleflore'

Excuse my design wall.  The flash caused the printing on the foam board to show through.

This is my yellow ground set.  They won't be set this way.  I still have not decided on the ground fabric.  I know it will be green.  All one green?  Scrappy green?

Another stitcher started a yellow set, she found a wonderful Moda Bella solid called 'Mustard'.  It is beautiful!

So many great choices!!

Since I decided to make several color ways of the blocks, I'm not caught up on the second and third colorways.

This is the dotty set.

I pulled these out of the notebook just for you to see.  I have several basted up and ready for summer travel.

I'm using, blues, pinks, turquoise and a wonderful lime green.  Also switching up some of the color placement in this set.

The orange set I went crazy basting on all the blocks and skipped around through the block sequence.  I have some basting done on every block, I just didn't pull them out for you - yet.

Have you seen Karen's set?  HERE, she posted all of her pink and brown blocks.  She also has her ground pieces in place so you can see the flowers 'anchored'.

Have a great Week!

Block files are available HERE.


  1. You are making it very hard for me to concentrate on my current projects. I love all these colorways and want to start one now!!

  2. How fun to see how different these blocks look in the many colorways! Very smart to make them simultaneously too. Much easier to do repeats of blocks all at once than to come back and try to do them later.:)

  3. What they said above too!! You're clearly having too much fun with these Dawn - love the fussy cutting. But I already have one of your patterns waiting to start and such a lot of hand quilting to finish...sigh

  4. You scared me with saying the first of the month. not yet! lol! I love seeing all three color ways. So lovely!

  5. I don't know how you are keeping track of all the different fabric versions you are doing. I think the dotty set is my favorite thus far.

  6. I had no idea you were making so many different sets! How fun to see the variety--and the clever details. Great work, Dawn!

  7. Very nice appliqueing Dawn! Such pretty blocks.

  8. Love your fussy cutting--I'm very tempted to get these patterns!

  9. These are all so fun - I love see all of the variety!

  10. I love all the variations you are making of these beautiful blocks!
    I've only made 2 so far but love stitching them.
    I look forward to catching up on these over the summer.


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