Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Diamonds and Triangles Pat Yamin Collection

Denver National Quilt Festival X had some antique quilts in special exhibits.  This post includes some quilts from the Pat Yamin Collection.   This Exhibit was titled, "Diamonds and Triangles".
This quilt had some of my favorite turn of the century fabrics.
Nice Greek key in blue
Conversational - Kitten and tea cup

Seven Sisters set with pink

Detail of pink setting

Seven Sisters set with blue
Seven Sisters detail with pieced border
Stars and Hexagons
Star Detail
Star Detail
Scrappy Stars
I hope you enjoyed part one.
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  1. Part one was wonderful - I look forward to the next part!! I love the 7 sisters pattern - I want to make one someday soon. These 2 are wonderful - great fabrics - I love your close photos showing the fabrics :0)

  2. Thanks for being able to share your photos of these wonderful quilts. I wasn't able to get to Denver to see the exhibit. The quilts in Pat's collection really exhibit some fine workmanship. Great motivation.

  3. WOW! Great quilts. Love the fabric in the first quilt.

  4. The yellow background of the star blocks on the one quilt really pops.

  5. Super quilts. Thanks for sharing. Was the broken dishes quilt quilted at a later time? It is interesting that the markings still show and it seems like a unique quilting design.

    1. Great eye Wendy. Yes, several were finished at a later time. I regret I didn't get photos of the quilts tags to share the details.

  6. Beautiful! I love them all! The colours are possibly not what I would choose but work so well - always a lesson in there :) Going back for another look...

  7. Oh wow. Love these quilts! The detail is fabulous.:)

  8. Love how you can take two simple shapes and create some wonderful quilts from them.


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