Thursday, January 21, 2016

Broiderie Perse

Broader Perse from several fabric pieces
I've vowed to revisit some unfinished projects this year.  I pulled out this set of blocks from years ago and put them on the design wall.

Working just from my fabric stash I've been auditioning for borders and sashing.  Initially I was going to make a larger quilt.  I have to stop thinking all of my quilts need to be bed sized!

I am considering some inking on the blocks as well.

I have not given up making it larger but would prefer to do so with something I already have.

What about including something from my stash of panels?

This panel is from Reproduction Fabrics and has been around the sewing room for a few years now.  They are still available HERE.  (Remember Ivory Soap - Hand Wash)
It is a little too white and pastel for the blocks - I will consider some tinting with heat set fabric pencils and perhaps even a dip in a coffee/tea bath.  Still not sure I want to go to that extent when I do have other ideas for it in its current colors.  Using it is a commitment to hand washing only - That's OK.

I am also considering pulling out the fruit and elephant - keeping this all birds?
Maybe revisit the lap size?
Your thoughts?


  1. That is really difficult. The panel is too white... I have no experience with a coffee or tea bath, I guess you have to be careful it does not become too dark. Very special blocks.

  2. Your quilt will be fun to stitch up. One setting that I'm considering for some applique blocks is 5 blocks on point with side and corner triangles. Do you have 5 bird blocks? Or 4 birds and floral or fruit in the center? I always like your quilts, whatever you decide to do!

  3. I've never done such a quilt so I will very humbly add my two pence. I guess the fruits could stay (fruits and flowers have been seen together before) but the elephant is really not in the right quilt. Unless you intend to add more. I prefer the horizontal sashing to the vertical one. I think it looks better with the borders you have at the moment. Good luck with the decisions. ;^)

  4. Beautiful blocks Dawn, I am sure however you decided to put them together will be lovely.

  5. Oh no, I love the elephant - I hope you keep it, it's my favourite! Just love your broder perse blocks.

  6. Pretty pieces for Broderie Perse. I hear you are getting to go overseas for workshops!! How much fun. The ladies have been blogging about you coming. I hope you take pictures of the experience!! I can only imagine the fabrics you will see!!

  7. Well, I have looked for it several times... Although the center panel is gorgeous, I really would not use it. It is too busy and taking away the attention from your lovely broderie perse blocks (color could easily be adapted by teadyeing indeed; lots of experience overherešŸ˜‰). A wreath, but perhaps more " open" would be great in the centre though. And please keep the elephant; I love him! See you soon!

  8. Here's my half-pence' worth of opinion, lol. The elephant is fine, especially since he's part of a scene and not as large as the birds above him. But indeed the center is too pastel for the bordering blocks. I love that you are keeping this art alive!

  9. Here's my half-pence' worth of advice, lol. The elephant is fine as he is part of a scene and not as large as the birds above him. Indeed the center is too pastel for the borders, and with all that work done so far you don't want to look at it forever and think, "That doesn't go." Thank you for keeping this art alive!

  10. I am no help at all. I can't make up my mind.
    Think I'd be tempted to remove the elephant, but does leaving it in enhance the vintage appearance?
    The center medallion may be too light as is, but I like the design with the blocks and maybe a tea bath would bring them to common ground (background, that is).

  11. Great blocks. You solution will come to you in the middle of the night. That's when I seem to have my best ideas.

  12. Beautiful blocks, Dawn. You could make 13 pieced blocks to set with these, checkerboard style -- very mid Atlantic flavor. I don't like the medallion -- too light a background. Did you audition a darker sashing for contrast? You asked for my thoughts. Barb

    1. Thanks Barb, I do recall some of the quilts we saw at the Cherry Hill seminar. Will have to pull those photos out for inspiration. Great idea!

  13. Funny, I just pulled out my panel yesterday. I love the look of it with your exquisite blocks. I love the fruit and the elephant, but I also like your idea of all birds - sorry - no help from me. I love them all.

  14. Beautiful broderie perse blocks!
    I look forward to seeing your final layout.

  15. Hmmm, an interesting puzzle! Personally, I am not opposed to a dip in some coffee, however, thematically, I don't think the centre panel is a good fit. But on the other hand, I do like the elephant a lot, and I am ok with the fruit. It is fun to make future viewers think a little!

    Maybe some other panel would be nice? A colonial theme to tie in the elephant better? It would definitely be a nice layout with a double size block in the middle.

    So, food for thought. It will be fun to see what you decide!

  16. Ah this is so pretty and I really like that elephant ...he's happy there, don't send him away, ha ha !

  17. Hi Dawn, it is the second time I'm looking at your photo's now. I like the idea of having a bigger block in the middle. And if it is darker it will fit I think. There are more flowers in the small blocks, so my eyes are going from the flowers in the center big block to the flowers in the smaller ones. I agree it is nice to work with what you have. Especially if the blocks have been lying around in the closet for some time. O and I feel the elephant belongs right there (what would he be doing alone in your closet? I suppose he will never get out of there again;)

  18. No not the center panel, the colors are not strong enough against your own blocks, just use the blocks you have and make a smaller quilt, it will hang fabulous on your wall! Greetings from Holland,


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