Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dutch Quilt Reproductions

I have always loved antique Dutch quilts.  Over the years I have shared my completed reproduction quilts with you here. 
Today I am sharing them in one post.

This was the first, "Hindeloopen".  I purchased the kit in Houston from the Petra Prins booth many years ago.  It was packaged so lovely!  A big bow around the tissue.  Later, the pattern was published in the book, "Treasures From Holland".  Made entirely of beautiful Dutch chintz.  It is machine pieced and hand quilted.  The original is backed in red cotton.  I didn't know that at the time and mine is backed in a Dutch print.  
The antique quilt is included in the book, "A History of Dutch Quilts" by An Moonen.

This quilt was made from fabric charm squares gifted to me.  The pattern was included in the package.

It is made from a variety of Dutch chintz prints.
The solid navy is also glazed.
I machine pieced and machine quilted this one.

For the longest time I wasn't going to cut the charm squares.  As the fabrics became more readily available in the US I ordered yardage and used the charms.

The Elephant quilt is my small "loose" interpretation (from stash) of an 1800-1825 coverlet from the Netherlands Open Air Museum.  

There is a similar pattern in Petra & An's book, "Promenade in a Dutch Garden".  I made my interpretation before the pattern book was out.

The antique is also included in An's book, "History of Dutch Quilts".

The antique is backed in red, an unquilted coverlet.
Mine is hand quilted and includes batting.

My next attempt at duplicating a Dutch antique is the back of the Gooische stars quilt.

I decided to make two separate quilts, rather than one two sided quilt.

I changed my border, using a reproduction print from a line licensed from The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection.
I am re-thinking the quilting plan, as I learn how many of these examples are unquilted.  Maybe it is time I back one in red?

The pattern can be found in Petra & An's book, "Promenade in a Dutch Garden". 

Detail of the center.

I never tire looking at the fabrics.

The piecing was a joy, revisiting all of the beautiful fabrics.

More Detail

Fairhaven RJR Fabric by Pat L. Nickols Lapis Green Reproduction Print
Matches a print in the antique cover quilt
What's Next!
More Dutch inspired quilts.
A bit of the fabric stash

1.5" diamonds, machine pieced, hand quilted
I think the next project may include hexagons and diamonds in Dutch fabrics....

Should I start another project?


  1. Absolutely, start a new Dutch pattern and of course, back one in red! I love all the fabrics you've collected. You have an awesome collection.

  2. I read this post with a smile. Why? Because I'm Dutch and live in the Netherlands. Dutch quilts are not my favorite LOL I even don't like Dutch chintz LOL
    I just love those old american qntique quilts and my favorites are the Australian quilts.

  3. Beautiful use of Duth prints--I especially like the little circley looking patches in the corners.

  4. Yes.why quit when you are on a roll. They are all so so lovely.

  5. LOVE your little quilts! Those Dutch quilt books have the most fascinating quilts and you have done a great job replicating them! Yes, of course, start another project! That's what we quilters do!! LOL

  6. The tumbling block design is my favorite. I have always been drawn to the dimension the design gives. Maybe you can collect some more Dutch prints on your trip.

  7. Isn't it strange...... I live in The Netherlands and have never made anything from Dutch chintz reproduction fabrics..... but have a huge stash of American reproduction fabrics...... and I do love the books by An Moonen and Petra Prins. Your quilts are lovely.

    1. Maybe we are attracted by what is not so plentiful? I order the Dutch fabrics from a shop a 1,000 miles away from me. Although, I too have a large stash of American reproduction fabrics! Maybe we are fabric collectors?

  8. I absolutely love the dutch-inspired quilts you show here! And I, being a dutch girl, am quite impressed by your collection of dutch fabrics. What better occasion to start a new quilt with these fabrics right now? See you soon!

  9. Great little quilts. So sweet, you definitely need to add to your collection.

  10. Yes, please! What a gorgeous collection you have! Thank you for sharing your work. I, too, love these Dutch quilts, and your versions do complete justice to the antiques.

  11. It's all about the fabric! What a fun quilt you made!!

  12. Without your posts I think I would know nothing about Dutch quilts. They are beautiful!
    Start another project--by all means! : )

  13. Beautiful, Dawn! I love Dutch fabrics and collect both them and the books. Such fun!

  14. This day was a happy day,... I finally sorted all my Duth fabrics out,... yeah!!!

  15. Lovely quilts Dawn, funny how we are attracted to specific fabrics.

    1. I also love the English chintzs and French toiles....turn these the Indian woodblock prints and... So many beautiful fabrics!!

  16. So many gorgeous Dutch inspired quilts!
    I love them all and the wonderful Dutch chintz fabrics you've used!
    I vote YES.... it will be fun to see what you create next.

  17. You can see the love of gorgeous flowers that the Dutch hold so dear - it is reflected in the beautiful chintz fabrics and wonderful quilts you have shown us. Fascinating peek at that special wavy green print in the 2nd to last photo.

  18. I can't believe how timely this is. I have been (happily) stuck in applique lately and have been itching to piece a little quilt just for fun. I adore all of these and had not seen a few of them so I am so thankful to you for posting them all. They are just beautiful.

  19. If it is going to be anything like these wonderful quilts then - yes please do start another! They are all simply gorgeous!!I have used a lot of these fabrics before and they are a delight to revisit :)

  20. Ah, you've found another weak point with me. Love Dutch quilts and Dutch fabrics!!! OMG! Gorgeous work!

  21. I always get an education while reading your blog! And yes, you should definitely start a new project!

  22. oh this was such a fun and interesting post...I've seen this book mentioned elsewhere ( perhaps at Hilda's blog? ) in the past.

    Well SURE you should start another ...:)

    I think that starting more projects is a metaphysical assurance that we live longer in order to complete them...

  23. Fun and interesting to see your collection of Dutch quilts such a long way from home (I live in the Netherlands). They are beautiful.
    I would love to see more objection;)
    Hope to see you soon in Overloon. I'm looking forward to it:)

  24. Love your dutch reproductions! Sounds like you were into the dutch quilts before they became so popular here. Are there other US designers who have fabrics with a dutch feel? I thought the Mary Koval Tree of Life does and added what you gave me to my little dutch stash. Was backing in red common? I think I'll make a note of that and do the same when I ever get around to making my dutch repro.

  25. Love the Dutch Reproduction quilts myself. Lovely to see these.:)


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