Thursday, January 5, 2017

Double Wedding Ring Quilt from Wisconsin

Friends and I have decided to update our quilt collections.  Asking, are we really going to finish, mend, conserve...??  Or, would this be better off enjoyed in a new home?  From time to time I will be showing you some of these quilts and listing them in the Easy Shop. HERE.

This double wedding ring quilt has a great scalloped pink border.

It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Size: 98" x 77"

It does have a few opportunities!
My plan would be to bind it removing a couple rows of the hand quilting where there is some wear.

The quilt was owned by Lucille Lund, who taught third grade in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin for more than 40 years. It is unknown if she actually made the quilt. She did have quilt tops and other quilts in her linen closet at the time her estate was dissolved.

The quilt is treasured by the family who would prefer to see it restored and not cut up.

We played it on a queen size bed and it does drape over the edge lengthwise. If it were placed the long side the width of the bed, it has a deep drape. Pillows at the head of the bed would take care of any gap. It would also be adorable on a girls twin bed.

I counted about five losses in the pieces.
It appears it might be the same red/brown print.
They are not noticeable and would be fairly simple to conserve or restore.

You can also see the detail in the quilting.
The pink and green four patches have a four petal flower in each square.

The melon shape has five linked circles.
Each nine piece arch has five lines of quilting.

The center has a grid, with the four petal flowers repeated in each corner.

Lovely fine hand quilting in all white thread.

I can imagine the instructions were to clip the curves and turn under the raw edge of the border to finish the edge.

This was done with great care and with the tiniest of hand stitches. However, the clips were a bit deep in many cases and with the stress of use, in several places they have torn.

This is where I thought an applied binding, added about three lines of quilting in, would return it to beautiful condition.
As I write this, I think wouldn't take me THAT long to do.

However...the decision has been made - off to a great new home it should go.

It can even be used as a white whole cloth quilt. The back is beautiful with wonderful tiny hand quilting stitches.

I didn't see any spots or holes, nice quality cotton makes me wonder how she got such time stitches.
In bright light the faintest of pastel colors shows through, including a pale pink shadow where the border was applied on the reverse side.

This quilt inspires me to do a little hand stitching everyday, it adds up.

A great quilt, looking for a new loving home!

UPDATE:  Pending Sale - The Quilt has a New Quilt Loving Home.
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  1. It's a beautiful quilt that will be enjoyed in someone's home. Glad you rescued it originally.

  2. It is a beautiful quilt! Glad it found a new home. Aren't we all hoping our quilts will be loved and cherished for many more years after we are gone?

  3. It is a sweet, beautiful quilt; glad it has found a new home :)

  4. So happy to hear you sold it. It is a treasure. I don't think I have ever seen a Double Wedding Ring with such superb quilting. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing others for sale in search of new homes.

  5. "The quilt has a new quilt loving home"... music to my ears, that is just how it should be.

  6. Wonderful news that this beautiful quilt has a new forever home!

  7. Love the hand quilting! Wow! so much work in it.:)

  8. So glad to read this quilt has a loving and caring new owner! And it deserves so, for you can see, it was made with great care, and the quiltstitches are beautiful! Good idea to restore it the way you suggest about the binding.


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