Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Treasure Hunting

Honey, Stop The Car
I am still not feeling settled in the new house.  Love the house and area - it's just making all the little details comfortable that takes time. My hand sewing spot, desk - the personal spaces.  That will come with time and making adjustments like lighting and re-arranging furniture.
So...Saturday we went treasure hunting.
Sometimes a little fresh air and shopping is inspiring.

We went to a local metro suburb with a real Main Street.  Breakfast at a small diner was lots of fun. Egg, toast and coffee $3 with free parking.

The big decision was, where to start?
A shop we've been in before, or a new one?

A new one (to us) it is...Off we went.

Once in the door we knew there was great potential.

I think we went to five or six shops, or as we sometimes say - "Antique Malls" and ran out of time.  The shops close at 5pm on Saturday.

This shop had much of what we look for; textiles, books, tools and small furniture.

The staff was very friendly and willing to open as many glass cases as we wanted. We didn't have to hunt for anyone and wait for keys.

By now, you might be asking - what did you buy??

see that cheddar and indigo quilt?

I am often asked what does your husband collect?

I think I will leave that to a separate post.

It was fun to find a connection between his collection and sewing.

I did see a few quilts.

This quilt was tempting.

Visually appealing - it was worth a closer look.

I always flinch when I see a quilt folded on a rough ladder. I usually tell the dealer they are diminishing the value of the quilt each time it is scraped across the rungs for viewing...

This shop had quite a few interesting textiles. A paisley shawl that was in such great condition!

I digress, you want to know about the quilt!

The fabric in the piecing is older than the backing and binding. The setting and sashing fabric is an unstable loose weave.

A few of the browns were shot, that doesn't always put me off though.
There were later repairs in two blocks done with polyester double knit!

I am trying not to buy quilts where I make myself believe I have time to do the restoration or conservation work on.

It makes a beautiful 'folding display' for the right person.

I enjoyed seeing it and laying it out for closer examination.  I am sure someone will give it a great home.

I was also tempted by this framed advertisement.

It is kind of disturbing! I decided I couldn't look at it on a regular basis.  Plus, Velma would be so offended.

Hasn't our sense of good, even appropriate advertising changed.

We did break for lunch - yummy pizza.

It was at this point I went back and had a second closer look at the star quilt.

It was still there, but I didn't love it more with a third look.

I did find some treasures.

As a collector, I am always looking for ways to safely display things.

These glass boxes are great to keep things clean and in clear view. I have to be careful with sun so the mirrors don't cook the contents.

The glass door has a small latch, we call it the Velma catch.
Yes, she would open it if she could.

This box is about 24" x 12" and can sit or hang. I will set it on a shelf.

This primitive folk art footstool came home with me.

The plywood box is covered with wood thread spools cut in half.
The wood was stained and varnished.
Under the needlepoint top, "padding" was created with folded newspapers. I cannot see enough of the paper to get a date.

The needle point is primitively stitched in wool.

The top tacks don't match, but I think that adds to the charm.

We also bought this piece of United Nations Kent cloth.

It includes both selvages, clean and over 40" long. I have another piece of it, but I think this one is larger.

This small trunk came home with us too.

The inlaid top is terrific.

It is about 24" long.

The top is hinged but there is no lock.
No interior compartments or tray.

I'm going to use it to store my inking and signature stamps supplies.

I bought other small treasures that I will share on another day. I hope you enjoyed shopping along with me.

While we didn't have time to visit all the shops - we are looking forward to going back someday when we need a break!
Have you been treasure hunting this year?


  1. I enjoyed coming along with you. I usually treasure hunt alone. Hubby isn't into it. The only thing he collects is camping gear and it has to be the latest, greatest--nothing vintage.
    Really love the little parquet top trunk!

  2. What a great day of exploring! Your newest treasures will fit I perfectly with all of your other delightful pieces. It makes me want to go hunting soon. You never know what you'll find.

  3. The shop .you have visited looks amazing! When I am visiting the United States I often hit the breaks when I see a shop like that! ( my husband sometimes get's a little tired of it)
    I love finding little treasures and often wonder what story is behind things. Like that quilt.....who made it......? Who decided to give it away or sell it......? You found some pretty things!

  4. Wow, breakfast for $3, including coffee?? Amazing deal.

    1. LoL - They put the carafe right on the table.
      There was something for $2.50, maybe oatmeal?
      Then you could wild and spend $6 on steak and eggs!

    2. And the pizza looks great too. I seem to be more food focused than antique focused!

  5. What a fun day! I hope to have the same kind of outing one day soon!

  6. What fun - wish I could have explored with you! Great quilt pics :)

  7. The footstool is an interesting piece. I can see why it came home with you. A conversation piece for sure.

  8. I was just wishing for a good fun winter flea! Lucky you, great finds. What about that cheddar and indigo quilt tho, will we get to see it?


  9. Looks like a fun place to shop, I love antique malls with the different dealers, great way to find bargains. That sign is so funny, but also disturbing;)


  10. I so love treasure hunting but have been on a diet as our house has just been trying to absorb my mother in laws treasures :) Love all your interesting finds.

  11. This is just a great way of getting to know the 'neighbourhood', looks like fun! Antique hunting, a yummy pizza and some great finds, a day well spent, I'd say.

  12. Over here the best places to go treasure hunting are cold "kringloopwinkels", but I never find treasures like you found here. And there are no quilts to be found, never! Love the wooden box you found, and the footstool with the wooden spools. Enjoy the next hunting-day and I hope you will settle in your new house soon.

  13. What fun you had, love your treasures. Your lunch looked yummy!!! Carolyn

  14. What fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. I agree with you about the shears ad. I don't think I could have looked at it on a regular basis either. I think we have changed our ideas of what is appropriate in printed advertising, however that does not seem to be the case with television ads. Good grief, some of them are beyond my comprehension!

  15. So where was this? I can't believe your hubby goes along. Mine would rather have a root canal.

  16. Oh, what a fun day! Can't wait to see what's next... :-)

  17. Looks like a nice visit, thanks for sharing!

  18. oh you found quite a few nice little treasures; i think that footstool is my favorite! :)

  19. You've found some wonderful treasures on your day in town!
    I love that primitive footstool.

  20. Thanks for the fun of your treasure hunt! Love seeing the things you saw and the treasures you brought home! We went treasure hunting at the end of last year. I'm still dreaming about the amazing mantel clocks we saw there. All beautiful with old chimes. I'd love one, but they were pricey. Still, it was fun to hunt around, even if we didn't buy anything!


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