Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Come On Over To My House - Part One

Antique Doll Quilt On New Hanger - Metal and Wood
I thought I would give you a little tour today.
We have been in the new house for four months and I am finally feeling - do I dare say it - settled?

Anyway, WELCOME!

I am frequently asked what I do with all of my quilts. The quilts I make I give away, use in my home and have a few stored for rotation.  In a future post I will share my storage.

This lighted sconce is between two doors in a hallway.
The little quilt easily clips off so I can rotate other little quilts.
Not archival, but I can clip acid free tissue under the clothes pins as needed.
Really cute at night with the light on and the soft glow on the
antique fabrics.

This is my Hexy Stars Quilt in the family room.
You can read more about it HERE.
I made a similar quilt for my son, HERE.
Another space I can rotate quilts.

This is one of many little vignettes in my studio area.
The green shelf is made of vintage wooden sewing spools.
This kitten on the post card is sewing little dresses.
The block and white photo is a couple with a bible and quilt block.
The doll dress is all hand sewn 19th century cotton - lots of detail!
The little dresser drawers have bits of fabrics and sewing treasures.

This is part of the back mud room.
The colorful quilt is opposite a bench and shoe cubbies.
A few times a year, this is another area I will rotate the quilt.
This quilt was used at an AQSG event. 
I smile when I think of friends who worked on that project -
quilts are wonderful memory keepers.

This is a c.1920s printed scarf I currently have in the powder room.
It was printed as a way to raise money as Colonial Williamsburg was 
being restored.  It is in an original frame - the framer left their information on the back.
I was able to research their business.

Another clue is the date of the Colonial Williamsburg mark on the back.
I can also see the fine selvage edge under the brown backing paper.
It was not framed for conservation and I have debated re-framing it.
It is hard, if not impossible to find fabrics today printed
with this amount of detail.
This design is currently being reprinted in sold and is pretty,
however, IMHO not near the quality.

Now, Let's head upstairs...

This has been in all of our homes
since, 1996. 
It is a reproduction - again, very fine cotton.
Reproductions today aren't as fine (IMHO)

In the niche on the left I have one of our tape looms.
On the right, a quilt that just about takes the entire wall.
I love the burst of color!
The neutral wall color is great for any quilt I want to hang.

On another hall wall I have a star quilt.
It doesn't hang as perfectly as we expect today's quilts.
For those of you who visited our Colorado home - this one hung in
the family room on the two story fireplace wall.
Much easier to rotate here!
Nice risk of life or limb on the ladder.
At the end of the hall is a band sampler and antique candle stand.
On top of the candle stand is an antique sewing box.

This is one of the guest rooms.
LOOK - This wall needs a quilt hung up!
Plenty to select from in that stack!
The rocker is an oak glider that was in the nursery
when our children were babies.

This is a guest room.
The hand tied canopy was a purchase decades ago.
We have always loved antiques.
The four poster is a reproduction queen size - very comfy.
I'm entertaining the idea of a suite of bed curtains for this bed.
What do you think?

Another wall of the guest room.
You can see the edge of the en suite. Each guest room
has facilities with a pocket door! Great for company.
The cupboard has a few treasures in it.

Another corner of the guest room.
The sleigh bed is doll size and has a matching wardrobe.
I made this set of bedding about six years ago.
The appliqué pattern is from Electric Quilt.
It was inspired from a Crib Quilts Book.

This is another wall in a guest room.
The quilt on the wall I made almost 15 years ago!
It is a Judy Rothermel pattern HERE.
I used, and still use the ARDCO templates HERE.
I have several sets and have never been disappointed.

Another stair landing in the house.
Velma wants you to notice the bright sunny window.
Perfect for cat day dreaming.
No textiles here, but a few of my vintage and antique
sewing machines.

This is another bedroom.
The medallion quilt was a free to use pattern from a line
of fabric the Virginia Quilt Museum did years ago.
You can read more about it HERE.
I hand quilted mine.
I think it looks nice with the Pottery Barn Bedding.
In some light the wall color looks gray, other times blue.

I hope you enjoyed seeing part of how I live with textiles.
How are you living with yours?
Happy Stitching,
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  1. You have a beautiful home, Dawn, and your attention to detail with the vintage (and vintage looking) textiles you love make it so inviting. Who wouldn't love to be the occupant of that guest room?
    Thank you for the tour!

    1. I've thought about having an over night in the guest room! Something about sleeping under a canopy...

  2. I loved having a tour of your new home Dawn, I think your DH is very tolerant of all your quilts and sewing objects. Everything looks right at home in your new home !

    1. Oh, he contributes to the collections all the time! He loves it. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

  3. I'll say you are settled in, indeed! It all looks so lovely with your beautiful quilts here and there and that guestroom with the canopy, antique bed, rocker etc is amazing!! Do you and your husband pick fights with each other so one of you can stalk off to the beautiful guestroom, ha ha! :)

    1. He has an office he can hide in, if needed!
      He has his collections too...

  4. What a beautiful home you have, all your quilts and textiles look perfect in their spaces! So many beautiful quilts you have displayed. Thank you for the tour! I would ask for a close up of your sewing machines, looks like you have some cuties there!!

    1. Sure! I'll do a separate post of the machines. Great idea.

  5. Your new home looks beautiful, especially with all your special touches and quilts.


  6. I do believe I would feel right at home with all of your lovely textile beauties! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves to decorate with antique and vintage quilts! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think you might feel right at home! Lots of appliqué happens here too!
      See you in October.

  7. So nice to be surrounded by beautiful quilts and antiques! Love the guest room decorations - with all the reminders of a bygone era.

    1. Modern conveniences tucked in! Sleep Number bed on the four poster
      Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

  8. The bed was made based on an antique about 35 years ago.
    The canopies are still made today.

  9. Dawn gracias por compartir tanta belleza !!!

  10. Amazing quilts and displayed so wonderful in your beautiful home!

  11. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and quilts.

    1. Thank you, I love seeing quilts in every room.

  12. I like the Judie Rothermel design quilt. I used to have that book but never used it for anything. Long gone from my stash of books.

    1. The cover is a row by row, I saw her sample of the star in Houston.

  13. Beautiful! Glad you are settled. A few quilts for storage??????

  14. Absolutely beautiful, Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, as you know - lots to do after moving.

  15. Your home is beautiful. You picked the perfect house to be able to display your fantastic collection. Now that you're settled you can enjoy it all.

    1. Yes! Lots of plans this year to enjoy it!

  16. Fabulous!! I drool over all your beautiful vintage quilts!! So sorry I missed seeing them I person! Maybe someday!

    Lessings and hugs!

    1. You never know! I believe there's still hope!

  17. Thanks for the quilt tour! So enjoyed it. I like having my quilts out for display or use, too.

    1. You have beautiful display spaces in your home too. All so pretty!

  18. I love the canopy top, just gorgeous. It really makes that room!! What a grand collection of quilts. The Judie Rithermel is a bucket list quilt for me. I have collected the book and fabric. Now I just need time.

  19. Lovely home! And it looks like you are settling in nicely.

  20. What a fun tour--you have some lovely vintage pieces that look so great with your needlework!

  21. Thank you for the tour! Glad you are settled in. Everything looks fantastic!

  22. Your home is so lovely! What a treat to see all your decorating and handmade and antique items. I'm drooling!

  23. It is a lovely home and so inviting! All the quilts everywhere give it such a warm atmosphere, so cozy and comforting. It really looks like you settled in quite nicely. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful home!

  24. What a beautiful house. You are a perfect decorator. Thanks for the tour. I will send you the twenty five cents soon!

  25. Your home looks so cozy Dawn! I am glad you made it yours in the past weeks. It must be wonderful to have so many walls and space to hang and display your quilts!

  26. Having returned from my trip to your wonderful country, I had not been able to caught up with reading blogs, but what a treat it is to see your home, so lovingly and tasteful decorated with the most amazing quilts and other treasures. It is so cosy, and at the same time kind of a private quiltmuseum. I loved this blogpost! You have such a lovely, cosy quilt-home, Dawn!


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