Monday, May 1, 2017

Hattem Hexagon

I finished another quilt from the book, Promenade in a Dutch Garden by Petra Prins and An Moonen.

The original quilt is dated c. 1840 and is still in the family.
The family is from the village of Hattem.  The quilt has passed through the female lines of the family. Sadly the original makers name is unknown.

The reproduction in the book used a neutral beige hexagon for the setting of the florets. I opted for the light blue setting hexagons to look more like the original.

The book has many photos of the original and reproduction.

For the border, I finally cut into some of my favorite fabrics, "Lately Arrived" a Barbara Brackman line by Moda.

I enjoyed digging in my fabric stash for the floret prints. I didn't try to match the exact prints in the
The use of stripes in the original was very effective.  I used several stripes.
The book authors called the quilt Circle of Witches - I don't know why. Perhaps because the selective cut prints are so bewitching?
Hexagons can be addictive?  What do you think?
UPDATED: The name circle of witches (heksenkring) is also the name of a circle of mushrooms found in the forest, maybe that is where the name comes from.  Kleine Vingers

I did make some personal modifications.
The side edges I used half florets.
Unlike the original I finished the top and bottom edges with full florets.

I hand pieced the hexagon panel to the border.

I used 1/2" hexagon papers.
There are 839 hexagons in my quilt - including the partials.

The florets are sometimes selectively cut.
Others I made more scrappy. The setting blue is consistent throughout.

This was such a nice filler project - portable for travel and fun.

I have more hexagon projects in the works.
How about you?

It is hand quilted with a sewn edge finish.  I have a c.1830 hexagon quilt in my collection finished with this technique.  That makes this quilt another one  I have done 100% by hand.

I was very pleased to find this cotton that has the look of a hand loomed cotton/linen.

I'm adding a label and a sleeve this morning and it will be ready to travel!

Happy Stitching,

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  1. this is simply beautiful--love those fabrics...hugs, Julierose

  2. It looks wonderful!! I love the edge finish.

  3. Very nice, such beautiful hand quilting too!

  4. Oh Dawn, where do I begin? I love everything about this quilt! I could just look at it all day long. And, to answer your question, I don't have one single hexagon project in mind, but I always have hexagon florets going for future quilts. I currently have 100 or so (5/8") waiting for the next quilt. Thanks for sharing this treasure.

  5. Amazing, I like the colours!

  6. What a marvelous quilt! Let's hope this one Will stay
    In your familie just as long as the original!

  7. This had me fooled. I thought it was the vintage original. Wonderful re-creation. I like the effect of the stripes, too. Good thing yours will have a label, so the maker will not get lost over time.
    I seem to be immune to the hexie bug. I love the look, but do not enjoy the process. I'd rather hand quilt or do wool applique for hand work. But I do have two hexie projects I drag out now and then and hope to actually finish one day. : )

  8. So beautiful Dawn! and I can just imagine the fun you had fussy cutting your hexagons. I love the Dutch quilts too - am sure there is another in my future too!

  9. Oh I love hexies too and this is such a beautiful tribute to the original.

  10. Hurray! A treat to view your new quilt.
    Are you bidding on the antique applique quilt on E-Bay? Would be great for another pattern set.

  11. Lovely quilt, I like sewing hexagons. Strangely I work on my hexagons only in autumn or winter, maybe because of the colors.

  12. The name circle of witches (heksenkring) is also the name of a circle of mushrooms found in the forest, maybe that is where the name comes from. Greetings

  13. So beautiful! The fabrics are just wonderful. Lots and lots of work though. Looks like a keeper.:)

  14. What a pleasure it must have been to play with your fabrics for this wonderful project! I like your choice for the blue background, and the stripes give it something interesting. The borderfabric is just perfect! And I must confess it: maybe I am the only quilter who never made a hexagon project... (although I love the quilts made of them).
    Greetings from Ageeth.

  15. Ooooooo! It's beautiful, Dawn!

  16. Love, love your quilt! How little is it given you used 1/2" hexagons?

  17. Your quilt is a beautiful finish. All those tiny hexies make such interesting florets. The blue connectors are a lovely choice and make a soft low contrast. I keep thinking I should be working on another hexie project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Such a beautiful quilt Dawn! I love the playful fussy cuts and wonderful fabrics you've used. Your hand piecework and hand quilting is beautiful!
    Such a treasure quilt!

  19. Absolutely love your little quilt! Exquisite workmanship and color selections! I enjoy making hexagons but have not done very much.....the only project started is a scrappy small quilt (not rosettes) and it will be a long term project!


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