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Netherlands Part Four Lucie Huig-Dunnebier

First Staircase Up!
I was recently told the Dutch quilt community is small. It might be small but it has so much talent!

Dorry introduced me to Dutch quilter Lucy Huig-Dunnebier.  I am honored that Lucie invited us into her home and studio.

As we walked the beautiful tree lined canals of Amsterdam one can't help but wonder what lies behind the 400 year historic doors of canal houses.

With Lucie's generous invitation, we toured her 400 year old home and studio.

This wonderful staircase is the first flight of steps on the  way to Lucie's Studio.


Let's look at a few of Lucie's quilts.

Swirls of folded fabric create circles

Lucie is brilliant - her quilts are all made from 100% natural fibers. Silk, cotton or linen.

She does amazing handwork as she manipulates the fabrics in fine art quilts.

In these examples Lucie folds the fabric into textural circles that gleefully swirl across the surface of the quilt.  All of her quilts are hand quilted.

My photos won't do the beauty of the quilts their due justice - they are exquisite in quality, color and details.

This is the first room of Lucie's studio space.
She draped quilt after quilt across her hand quilting frame.

The room exploded in color and texture.
It was an experience I will never forget.

Same quilt - two views (top left)
Opened silk flower petals (top right)
Closed surface flaps (middle right)
Lucie opening a compartment (lower left)
Opened layers (lower right)

Each work of art has a story and Lucie relates the stories with passion and detail.

Quilts that change color and form as they are held in different directions.

Hand applique flowers that open to reveal pure silk petals with the tiniest accents of glass gold beads.

An architects daughter, Lucie plans intricate closures that facilitate the transformation of her quilts as layers are opened and closed, exposing delightful surprises in color and treasure.

Lucie has exhibited and taught all over Europe.
If you have the chance to see or experience these textile wonders - take it!

Studio view - a few of Lucie's quilts draped on her quilt frame

Her ingenious way of designing, and manipulating premium fabrics like wool, silk and linen is spell binding.

Add the color and texture and it is a feast for the eyes and hands.  I am guessing exhibit attendees always want to touch the quilts.

The quilts in this room were several layers deep.  I wish I could show them all to you.  Day and night backs and fronts remind children to sleep and wake with charming details.

Lucie's recently completed wool quilt
Lucie's new wool tweed piece hangs in the main front room.
The rich wool glows in the sun lights. I had an instant desire to run my hand over the surface.

Each square of wool was individually hand quilted.

The colors are arranged light to dark as the light enters the front window and adds to the dramatic effect.

Lucie collects the fabrics and then decides how she will use it.

The quilt hangs from the ceiling picture rails along with her talented husbands oil paintings, adding to the gallery effect.
We felt as if we were in an exhibit within each room.

Built in 1616, Lucie's family acquired the home after WWII, with muddy windows they weren't sure what they were getting. Grateful for the opportunity of a home after the devastation they have made it a beautiful and welcoming home.

Hand quilting detail (top)
One of her diagrams (middle)
Night time quilt back (bottom)

I found Lucie's studies and diagrams very interesting.

For exhibits she includes diagrams to assist viewers in understanding what the quilts do, how they transform and change as the surface is "opened".  Since exhibits are so stationary, I can see that some people may have a hard time understanding the quilts.

Lucie's hand stitches are beautiful, and enhance each quilt.
They are the subtle finish to the intricate surfaces.

The second room of her studio includes a large window overlooking the canal, her cutting table and shelving for her fabric collections.

What a beautiful space to create!

Lucie with one of her quilts - opening a compartment

Lucie had several quilts with children in mind. Compartments that opened to reveal treasures like baseball cards, dinosaur figures and rocks - special places for a child to stow away treasures.

As the treasures are placed in the front compartments, the quilt can be flipped to the back. The back reveals a sleepy theme such as a moonlit sky and twinkling stars - encouraging sleep and sweet dreams.

Each quilt back is as interesting as the front.

Wonderful aren't they?

Each of her quilts truly embodies what a real art quilt is.

Amsterdam Row House Poster

You never know what's behind those historic facades that line the canals, and now we can say we toured one.

Lucie's home is on this poster charting out the canal homes.

Thank you very much Lucie for generously sharing your home, quilts and art with us!

2016 Gallery Exhibit

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  1. What a treat! Lucie, your quilts are unique and beautiful. You are so talented Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Absolutely amazing! I love Lucie pairs function and form to create these remarkable treasures. Oh how I would love to "touch" one! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Hee Lucy, wat LEUK! Had je quilts nog niet eerder gezien. Geweldig, leuk dat jij Dawn hebt uitgenodigd.

  4. I think I've missed a post or two from your trip, but I am glad I caught this one!
    Lucie, your work is incredible! What unlimited creativity, and stunning use of color. Thank you for allowing Dawn to share your studio and your work with us.

  5. What a surprise this is! An American lady introducing a Dutch quilter I have never heard of before... But I am glad you (and Dorry ofcourse) did so, as her quilts are amazing! I really enjoyed the photos of her beautiful quilts!
    Lucy: wat maak je een prachtige, unieke quilts! Het driedimensionale karakter is heel verrassend en lijkt uit te nodigen om de quilts niet alleen met de ogen, maar ook met de handen te "bekijken". Vooral de kinderquilts hebben mij verrast! Origineel werk en ook nog eens perfect gemaakt. Mijn complimenten!

  6. What a Nice visit! Fun to hear from such a talented quilter from you that I have never heard off!

  7. What an amazing trip, caught up with all the wonderful photos and places you have visited. What a treat to meet Lucy and be able to tour her home and studio, beautiful quilts.


  8. The intricacy of your work, Lucy, is truly beautiful and so creative. Thank you allowing Dawn to share your work.

  9. Geweldig, een openbaring, wat een schittrende quilts!

  10. Beautiful to see these works of art. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Like some other Dutch quilters who commented, I had never heard of Lucy, Ii wonder why, her work is so very special, never seen anything like it. Modern, structured, but still a quilt and so very colorful, so beautiful. Such a great experience to visit Lucy, meet her, talk with her, experience her house and her creative work. Thank you for sharing this very special visit with us, a new experience for me the work from this quilter.

  12. Lucie would have to bring her quilts to me about halfway down those steps as I would make it part way and be sitting there the rest of the day trying to catch my breath!
    The quilt with the compartments is oh so interesting. Hidden delights of fabrics inside.
    I am surprised that the quilting community is small in their country. They must be very active.

    1. I took it to mean, "everyone knows everyone".

  13. Thank you, Lucie, for sharing your gorgeous, original quilts - and thank you, Dawn, for enabling us to see them.

  14. Thank you, Lucie, for sharing your quilts with us. Amazing!

  15. What treasures Lucie! The expressions of each child's face on discovering hidden objects must be priceless. Thank you Dawn for sharing this visit..

  16. When I bought my little bunglow a decade + ago I was thrilled to do some research and find that it was built in 1917 and most likely from a kit home, common to that era.

    Imagine knowing that your home is 400 years old and having that history :)

    And then, Lucie's art and creativity !! Amazing / love this series :)

  17. Liebe Lucie, ich erinnere mich sehr gern an Deine Ausstellung zusammen mit Akka Philips im vergangenen Jahr bei uns in Hohenstein-Ernstthal (Sachsen, Germany )und habe mich gefreut, einige Textilwerke von Dir hier wiederzusehen. Herzliche Grüße von Marina Palm

    1. English:
      Dear Lucie, I am very happy to remember your exhibition together with Akka Philips last year with us in Hohenstein-Ernstthal (Saxony, Germany) and I was delighted to see some of you here again. Greetings from Marina Palm

  18. Lieve Lucie,
    Wat enig om dit verhaal over jouw wonderbaarlijke werk te lezen.
    Dat jouw mooiste quilt bij mij hangt,door jou geschonken,dat is
    Bram Ouwehand


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