Saturday, September 16, 2017

Netherlands Part Three Quilt It & Dotty

While in the Netherlands I shared some of my hexagon quilts at Quilt It Dotty.

Quilt-It Dotty, (Dorry van Osch) a quilt shop in Overloon Netherlands hosted me. Generous, gracious exceptional hostess!

She booked two full days of fun!  The hexagon program we did Saturday we repeated with another group on Sunday.  I am so thrilled with their interest in antique quilts.

This is a view from the kitchen door - looking through the French door window panes into the great room.
The quilts are laid out ready for the lecture and trunk show.

This room was later transformed into stitching space for the afternoon workshop.

Dorry's Shop, Quilt-It-Dotty is filled with wonderful fabrics and trims, gift items as well as women's clothing.

The shop is light and airy - a happy place to gather.

Attendees had so much fun shopping, we had to hurry to make the program - it was fun!
Sorry started everyone off with wonderful baking from the Aga and fresh coffee/tea.

Dorry set up beautiful seating all over her gardens. Quilts adorned the seating while fresh flowers were on the tables.

Large shade trees provided comfort from the noon sun.  The weather was beautiful so lunch was served outside.

Delicious gourmet lunch was served with elderberry lemonade, tea and more baked goods!

I bought a few little extra pieces of antique chintz to share after a online discussion about the "hand" or feel of 19th century chintz.

Always fun to share a little something extra.

Everyone got to see and feel the antique fabric.

The attendees were fun, attentive, curious and a joy to spend time with!  I hope they enjoyed the days as much as I did.

I was so busy talking, I am glad others were able to take photos.  This was the only group photo I got. (Hello Ladies!!)

Also thank you to the ladies who brought show and tell - amazing quilts!

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Dorry will have many of her patterns converted to English soon!  Including the medallion quilt in the picture. She has some family history on this Dutch treasure so stay tuned.

Happy Stitching,


  1. It all sounds so lovely! What a treat to see so many antique hexi quilts.

  2. Your days look perfect to enjoy the outdoors as well as being in the classroom. Your group of ladies were fortunate to have you there and you must have had a terrific time.

  3. That looked like a fun time. Your quilts made an impressive display.

  4. Those ladies were so lucky to take a hexie class with you! Dorry's shop sounds wonderful.

  5. It was such a pleasure to have the privilege of attending your lecture and workshop again! And I am still dreaming of the bird chintz and its possibilities....

  6. Your trip looks like one fun day followed by another! So glad you had a good time in Holland and so sorry I could not meet you at Dorry's!

  7. Thanks for sharing your trip, your quilts look beautiful!

  8. Thanks Dawn!! It was a great day with al your hexagons. And it will be a beautiful emory for me!!

  9. It was a superb day, Dawn, Dorry's wonderful home and hospitality, it was sooo lovely to see you again and this time meet your husband too, then your exquisite quilts and all you had to tell about them, the workshop after with super goody bag so that we could start sewing straight away and you even brought sunshine and lovely weather with you. For me it was perfect. My summer was not a good one and this was just a great kick-off to hopefully a better fall and winter. Until we meet again!

  10. Oh my! You have some wonderful hexagons! Thank you for sharing the blog links. I went to every single one and they had some great photos. I especially love the giant hexies with purples. So hard to find antique purples that have not faded to beige. I adore the charm one too. Well, I really love them all! Hope you bring some to show and tell at seminar next month. Thanks again for sharing.

  11. Isn't it fantastic when we can share the common love of quilts, fabrics, history and stitching with friends everywhere.

  12. Just wonderful! And lucky you to have made it to that Dutch Chintz exhibition! I keep seeing pics from it. Looks so wonderful!

  13. It looks like this was a great event! Your quilt collections are amazing, as are your lectures about them. I'm sure these women had a very special time. Wonderful that this was an equally special trip for you as well.


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