Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Travels

I say spring, but I am looking out the window at inches of freshly fallen snow.
Last weekend I was in Kansas at the Heartland Quilt Network. I drove home Saturday night to beat the snow!
I had a nice time.
I met Dawn Heese from Linen Closet Quilts.
Had a quick catch up with Missy Carpenter from Traditional Primitives.
Had a nice chat with Barb Eikmeier of Barb's Favorites and saw the art work for her new fabric line.
I met several other wonderful and generous quilting professionals, all listed on the website above.

This Thursday I will be in Chicago for Quilt Festival - Chicago.  Unfortunately there is snow in the forecast for the back end of this trip, so I may stay and extra day if need be.

The good new is I will be back in Kansas May 1.

Blue Valley Quilters Guild - Looking forward to your program!

I am bringing many of my hexagon quilts to Overland Park, Kansas.   There is a lecture and trunk show followed by a workshop.

Maybe I will see you there?

Also in May I am doing a couple programs for the Minnesota Embroidery Guild.  One on Early Girlhood Sewing and a second, by special request, on Lucie Huig Dunnibier.  Let me know if you are interested in these and I can get you details.

May 18 & 19 I will be at Penn Dry Goods at the Schwenkfelder in Pennsburg PA.  An annual event I love.  As always I will fly out a few days early for antique shopping and museum visits.

At the end of May I plan to be in Lincoln Nebraska at the International Quilt Study Center to see the Annette Gero exhibit of wool quilts, "War and Pieced - The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics".  Her book, "War Quilts and Quilts From Military Fabrics" is a wonderful resource if you would like to learn more about these special quilts.

Archive photo from 2009

June 13-16, I will be in Saint Cloud Minnesota at the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show.  This year, we
have the AQSG Traveling exhibit of Basket Study Quilts - look for me there.  I will also be giving a lecture on Saturday morning.  The Minnesota Quilt Project will have a special exhibit of Red & White Quilts in their booth to celebrate the 40th Ruby Anniversary of the Guild.  There are all kinds of vendors, classes, exhibits and more at the show.

I've heard from some of you that are getting a hotel and staying for a few days - I look forward to saying hello!

I'll be doing lots of portable hand stitching in the coming weeks.

If your guild or shop is interested in having me visit and do a program(s) for you - let me know I have several options we can make fun plans with!
Happy Stitching,


  1. You have a very full agenda--and not one of these is in my neck of the woods. :)
    Just noticed in the sidebar the book you have coming out in the Fall. Very exciting! I look forward to that!

  2. What an impressive schedule! Makes me want to live in the mid-west so I could attend these events....oh forgot...I hate snow!!

  3. You may have to do your traveling in a snowmobile. I don't think spring is ever going to come to the northern states.

  4. So you had snow after Petra and Judith left? Judith had so hoped to see some snow. Looks like you are busy.

  5. Wow - you are one busy gal! Glad you are having fun.

  6. Never a dull moment in your life Dawn. Busy as a Bee!
    I hope to visit my cousin in Minneapolis one day when the quiltshow is there! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  7. Not sure if you are flying or driving, but have safe journeys all the way around - if driving, I think auto makers should offer frequent “driving” miles like the airlines! The show in Rosemont is always a big one - have a fun weekend!

  8. What wonderful opportunities for you and for all of those who are able to attend one of your lectures.

  9. Hello Dawn full schedule for you but all nice things. Blue Valley quilters guild ladies you will have a wonderful lecture from Dawn. I was lucky to have one in Holland last year and saw some beautiful quilts. Enjoy your days Dawn!

  10. Looks like you have a busy, but exciting and wonderful spring ahead! Hope the weather doesn't cause too many problems... Enjoy everything!


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