Thursday, January 3, 2019

Magic Words

Amy included her copy of my book in her photo, so sweet
Happy 2019!

So much to write about - here we go.

First up - Thankful update
I've added photos of finished quilts to the FREE pattern page. HERE

If you want your version included, tag me in a post or email a photo to me.  Tell me how you would like it watermarked.

It's so fun to see all the versions.  I made a couple and will get mine posted in the next batch of photos I add to the page.

We are so Thankful for you!

Note cards from our collection - available on Etsy

I have extended the offer of free domestic postage on purchases of signed copies of my book.

I'm also including one of the cards from our new series of note cards.  The cards are available in our Etsy shop HERE.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you in 2019!

January - dates coming soon - special display of antique needlework items at Eagle Creek Quilt Shop
February 1-2 I will be at Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee Minnesota
     Link HERE  More Details to follow in my next blog post

In April I will be in Minneapolis doing a pin ball workshop customized just for this
special group.  Ask me about a special event for your group!

In May 17&18 I will be at Penns Dry Goods Market in Pennsburg, PA
    Link HERE for more information.  Enrollment is now OPEN
    There will be a special exhibit of really wonderful antique needlework tools
    Fabulous Speakers (myself included - I am proud to say)
    Fantastic Antique Dealers
    If you are going, let me know some of us are meeting up

So what are those magic words? 

When the kids were home for the holiday - they asked about quilts. From DD, what are we patterning next?  We shuffled through the short list - and oh my!  We have a special one coming up.  She made a baby quilt for friends in November and hand quilted it.  So pleased she enjoys hand work.

From my son - "can we make a quilt"
I had to contain my excitement. His good friends are expecting their first baby and he wanted to make them a quilt. He's made a quilt before so he knew what he was asking. Oh, and he wants it done in January.  We chose a simple four patch, he selected fabrics from my stash and I agreed to machine quilt it.  He wants it for everyday use. Over his visit he sewed all of the blocks and assembled the top.  What FUN!

Happy 2019 - I wish you all lots of magic words this year!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I'm thrilled with the signed copy of your book I bought. It is beautiful and a very interesting read!

  2. I love the story about your son making a quilt~ I am so impressed. Will he let us see it? I also love the notecards. Happy New Year, Dawn!

  3. How wonderful that they want to make quilts and you can pass along the love of quilting.


  4. How exciting! First, I can't wait to see the next pattern! I ordered your cards today. They are beautiful! You must have been delighted when your son asked about making a quilt. I will admit that my son does love all of the quilts that have come his way, but I cannot imagine him asking to make one! I do plan to make your free pattern as one of my monthly minis and I will link it to your post. I finished the outer binding on Noah and Matilda last night and just have to make a sleeve so I can hang it and photograph it and post it! Thanks a million for all your inspiration!

  5. Your new year is off to s fabulous start. How delightful to have your kids being part of your quilting life. Happy New Year.

  6. Must be very satisfying and heartwarming to have your son and daughter involved with quilting.
    I enjoyed looking at the different versions of your little quilt.
    Santa didn't get me your book, so I have added it to (the top of) the list of books I need to buy for me!

  7. So awesome that Ian likes to quilt!

  8. It is wonderful that your children are so interested in quiltmaking and getting involved. What a great way to start the new year. Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and creative 2019!

  9. That is definitely the best -- having your kids making quilts too! Hooray!


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