Wednesday, November 21, 2018

THANKFUL Free Doll Quilt Pattern

c. 1890s Doll Quilt Detail
It has been such a wonderful year...rolling by with highs and lows!
I extend my thanks to each of you for being part of it. Even the things that don't go as planned are learning experiences.

As a little thank you gift this Thanksgiving, and as a token of appreciation, I'm sharing one of my antique doll quilts with you - and the FREE pattern.
We can all do with some little treasured projects.
Fun, sweet and simple - you might like to make more than one!

First, a little background.

Last May I bought a set that included a cradle, doll and bedding. It was topped off with a doll quilt.  The doll quilt felt like it had something other than batting inside it.  I have been lucky in the past to find older quilts inside other quilts. Could I be so lucky this time?
I was!! It wasn't just a cut down - it was a true mini quilt!
The original is hand pieced and hand quilted.  I machine pieced and hand quilted mine.

There are two choices.
If you like a mystery DO NOT go to the "Thankful" pattern tab with the photos and complete instructions.

If you want to make the project now, straight through go HERE.
If you like a mystery, stay on this page for the first part of the project.

Finished Size:  12 1/2" x 12"

Cut 36 1.25" squares
       7   Dark Fabric
       11 Medium Fabric
       18 Light Fabric
            IF you do not like scrappy
            Cut 36 1.25" squares, 18 Dark and 18 Light

In a coordinating fabric
Cut 2" Squares
        4 in a Contrasting Print
        8 in a Contrasting Print * (This print will be used again)

From the Contrasting Print * also cut
     7   3" squares

Did you peek at the finished one on the pattern tab yet?
Tempting isn't it?

Backing:  14" square
Binding: 1" 52" long
Or use your preferred method for binding

Assemble the 1.25" squares into four patches
Making a total of 9 four patch blocks:
       Combining light and dark squares.
       NOTE: In the scrappy version one block uses two
                    different dark prints.

Once you are ready to assemble all of the blocks go to the pattern tab for 
complete instructions and photos. HERE  
Send me photos of your finished quilt and let me know if I can share them on the "Thankful" pattern page.

Have FUN and be THANKFUL!
Thankfully Yours,

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  1. Thank you, Dawn. What a darling gift for us. Mine may be a Christmas week project, as I am so busy now. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    lizzy at gone to the beach

    1. Enjoy! The pattern will be there when you are ready!

  2. Thank you so much Dawn. Will look forward to making this little beauty xx

  3. A sweet little quilt, Dawn. Maybe I can fit it in sometime, when my sewing room isn't being used as a guest room during the holidays.

  4. Thank you Dawn for sharing this tiny little is so dear and the story of your discovery is nice that you were the one to know where and how to look.

  5. Delightful! I just brought home my mother's antique porcelain head doll similar to yours. What size is yours? I'm wanting to make her some new clothes and a quilt. This quilt would be lovely for her!

    1. The doll is about 10" and the cradle is 12".
      So special you have a family doll. Pleased this little quilt pattern will work for you!


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