Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dressing a Canopy Doll Bed

I love canopy beds.

I have one in the guest room with a hand tied canopy.
Guests love it too.

I have a few canopy doll beds that need bedding so when I found this one - I almost didn't get it.

How many more projects do I need to add to the list?
I justified it because I thought I had a few doll quilts at home that could be used to dress it out.

I got it and I'm glad I did.

It did not look like this when I got it.

Top Finials Off

It required some work, and Mr.
Collector was very helpful.

First, it had to be cleaned.  There was a filthy canopy that was crudely secured under the finials.

Once it was vacuumed and detail brushed, it was oiled with a special mix for antiques.

Looking at the details, it wasn't made by a fine furniture maker.

That's why it was a good add to the rest of the collection of doll beds and cradles.

Other than cleaning, we left it as is.

After cleaning it was time to dress the bed!  My favorite part.

I decided I wanted a hand tied canopy.  However, I don't do netting.

I decided a crochet canopy would be close enough for me.

I pulled out my thread and crochet hooks and I just "winged" it.

I had to keep the thread secure, because Velma wanted to eat it - dangerous for a curious cat.

After the canopy was crocheted, I added hand tied tassels.  In my photo the canopy is a little crooked.  I was so focused on the quilt, I didn't adjust the canopy.

I posted both photos on Facebook and Instagram and asked which quilt they preferred...
Antique Hexagons or Reproduction Four Patches?

It was a close tie in the comments!
First place was hexagons, a close second was the four patches and there was a popular third response - rotate them!

Another suggestion I really liked was make a few more designs this size and change a quilt a month.

Do you have a preference?
Happy Stitching,
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  1. Oh they are both just so darling; I think my favorite is the hexagons--they just look like they go with that pretty canopy...hugs, Julierose

  2. What a sweet little bed--the netted canopy is brilliant!

  3. Oh yes...a mini bed-turning! Both of the dear quilts you show are so precious...but the little hexie quilt just looks so old English appropriate. Have fun deciding which way to go. I can just picture a dear Papa making this sweet doll bed for his daughter. Mr. Collector looks like he is very much enjoying the task.

  4. As much as I love that little 4-patch I have to say that it would be fun to have a quilt a month. Of course that being said, I would lose track of time and end up changing the January quilt in June! Thanks for saving this tiny treasure!

  5. What a great addition to your canopy bed collection. Your crocheted top looks terrific and the hexie quilt with cut out corners is adorable. Have you started the next quilt? :0)

  6. Love your new doll bed and the crochet covering, and the quilts for it! So cute!

  7. It is lovely, you both did great work on this little treasure.

  8. So lovely! I saw your post on instagram but didn't vote cause I couldn't decide. The rotation is a good idea! And making more too! I do have to say, though, that I have a weakness for hexagon quilts.....


Thanks for your comments!