Thursday, February 6, 2020

Starry Hearts FREE Doll Quilt Instructions

My Valentines gift to you - Starry Hearts Doll Quilt instructions with a template for a seven pointed star

Have you ever made a seven pointed star?
It was a first for me - I enjoyed it and I think you might too.

The original vintage quilt was found at a local antiques shop.  Too sweet to pass up and not share with you.

The little bear has lost all most all of his mohair...and ears!
Shoe button eyes are a little loose.
She has lace trimmed sleeves and a plaid scarf - it is cold here.

The dolly is a printed/sewn panel, slight glaze remains - she is straw stuffed.
They love their bed, covered in bedding.

The bed headboard has the maker "Amsco"
with a decal "Doll-E-Bed"

The company made several styles of doll beds, many available online and antique shops.  Just in case you want a little bed to go with a quilt you might make.

The bed is on wheels.

Maybe for doll bed races?
Ease of redecorating your room?

I keep mine in my sewing studio.

On the foot of the bed is a little one patch all hand sewn in flannel squares.  The little gem is hand tied in colored pearl cotton.

There are a variety of flannels in the quilt.
Possibly left overs from previous sewing projects.

Starry Hearts has several quirky features:

French Knots embroidered at the center and tips
A blanket piece was used as batting

Running Stitch Applique
None of the four hearts match
Squares are stitched on top of the background fabric

The backing is folded to the front to create the "binding"
Mitered corners
Instructions and a free download for the seven point center star is HERE

Happy Valentines
Thank you for your support and encouragement over the many years we've been here!


One of my Starry Heart Reproductions


  1. This is too cute to pass up. Thanks for sharing the vintage quilt, bear, doll and bed, and for sharing the pattern too. Too kind. Have a great one. ;^)

  2. This is precious, thank you for sharing it and also for sharing the darling dollies and their bed.


  3. Such a sweet little scene the doll bed, quilt, and furry (kind of) friends make together. That is very good of you to share the pattern with us. Thank you!

  4. What a sweet little quilt. It looks as if it was loved by little people (and "gownups") over the years. You are sweet to share the pattern with everyone. Happy Valentine's Day to you.


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