Starry Hearts Doll Quilt Pattern Free

This project is fun - and there's more to it than initially meets the eye.
Starry Hearts on Bed
First, the center star is a seven pointed star.  How many seven pointed stars have you made?
This was my first.  It is so fun to try new things on a small project like a doll quilt!

Starry Hearts Doll Quilt

Other quirky features:
      All appliqué is done with a running stitch
      The orange is all one piece of fabric
      The four hearts are appliquéd to the corner squares with a running stitch
      The center and corner squares are all appliquéd to the background with a running stitch
      The backing is brought to the front as binding, mitered corners
      The 'batting' is a piece of blanket that only extends to the first line of quilting
      The center and tips of the star are French Knots - Decorative or for camo/cover?

4 3.5” print squares for the four corner hearts 7 3.5” x 2.5” prints for star points
4 4” squares for light background
1 6.5” square for center square

15” x 17” color background fabric 
Backing 18” x 20”

Click here for a free 7 Point Star Template for hand piecing
(It says BUY NOW but it is a free .pdf download)

Adding the 1/4” seam allowance, cut out the 7 diamonds for the center star

Hand or machine piece the star diamonds stopping 1/4" before the top edge, press seams in one direction creating a center swirl where the seams meet in the center back.
Press the outside edges of each star point under 1⁄4” to prepare it for appliqué to the center square.

Match the center of the 6.5” square to the center of the star. Pin in place.
Pin each star tip to the background fabric.

Appliqué in place. The original quilt, was appliqued using a visible running stitch.
Press the outer edges of the center square square under 1⁄4”.

Optional: Embroider a French knot in contrasting thread in the star center and each star tip.

Adding a 1⁄4” seam allowance, cut out four hearts, appliqué to the four 4” squares with a point toward the corner. The original "free form" hearts were appliquéd using a visible running stitch. Press the outer edges of each square under 1⁄4”.

The center square and four corner squares are appliqued to the background fabric.
Mark the center of the background fabric, align the star/square, pin in place. Applique the center square to the background fabric.
Match the tip of a heart/square to a corner of the center square. Pin in place and hand stitch down. The original is stitched down using a visible running stitch. Repeat for each corner.

Layer, baste and hand quilt:
Straight lines around the center square
Straight lines around each corner square
Straight line between the edge of the quilt and the edge of the center square

Back to front binding with Mitered corners. 

A few More Details:
Headboard of the vintage bed
Casters - Maybe for doll bed races?

The little one patch at the bottom of the bed is hand pieced, tied in pearl cotton.

My version - "Chocolate and Strawberry"

Label and ENJOY!
Share a photo of your finished quilt (tag me) and I will add your name and photo here


  1. what a lovely idea. I am going to make one for my granddaughters dolls house. Thank you! Elsbeth

  2. What a visual treat! And to also get your pattern for making a seven pointed star - AWESOME! Thank you. I don't comment usually but I always read your blog postings - well done!


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